Introduction: Laser Experiment: Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

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I did this famous Laser Experiment: seeing the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle live and precise. We call these "Single Slit Diffraction Experiment & Pin Hole Diffraction Experiment". Cheap and a really impressive way to see the wave-nature of the light by yourself and at home.

!!! STAY TUNED, I'll write down a few steps + a video !!!

I used:

- Laser pointer 15 mW

- X-acto blades (2) [single slit]

- waste electronic circuit [pin hole]

- White cardboard (receiver)

- some tape & wood pieces to mount all the things...

Step 1: Steps Will Become Soon !

Thx to subscribed and Stay Tuned, the steps will become really soon.

Step 2: Links & References

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Here's some explanation and links-references on my blog:

PHYSICART blog: My Stuff


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-27

Cool science project.

Yep, REALLY impressive when you see it live !

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