Laser From Dead Computer





Introduction: Laser From Dead Computer

Here’s another neat way to make use of that old computer that has been lying around your house: Turn it into a red burning laser using parts salvaged from the dead computer. The burning laser is powerful enough for you to wear safety goggles.

The components you need to salvage are: the power supply, DVD Burner (16x speed or more), and the heatsink. The DVD Burner provides the laser diode which is housed in the heatsink proofing. The PSU and the right wires are connected to the heatsink and the laser module. That’s it! The heatsink helps to run the laser long enough to burn through things like plastic and ignite matches.

Step 1: Key Points

Sorry they're out of order.

Step 2: Credits

I give all credit for this idea to YouTube user styropyro . Please support him however you can. He has great ideas. Here is a link to his YouTube page  <>



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    wut would happen if the laser touched ur skin?

    can someone tell me what these powerful lasers are for?

    These lasers can sometimes be used as weapons if you have enough power. See
    The are also fun to put in a laser gun prop so that it actually works to cut paper or something to show your friends. They are pretty awesome lasers.

    I almost can't wait for my computer to die now... its got WAY higher than 16x. >:)

    is a plastic lens going to melt?

    The plastic lens will not melt because the plastic is clear. The lens will not absorb the light and therefore will not melt. The same is true for white materials and other light colors. These lasers will only burn dark colored objects because they absorb the light. If anyone wands to explain this in more "scientific" detail, please do.

    i trying to makin lader nut not workin plz help

    i think so becous in the video you see it burn plastic and tape

    hey could u light a firework fuse with that laser