does it fire now
ya people want to see your things you post like knexfreakbuilder i think thats his will you sub him soo he can se your guns
=( what
I'm new again. Not old. =(
No dude,you rock your blue mullet and all of your guns rock your not new.
Ok never mind i cant pm pictures so here it is
Awesome!!!!! That beats a lot of my stuff. Great job!
thanks im working on it right now, Im hoping to have it completed by tonight.
Ya when will the video be posted.
Tonight, very soon. Its wicked! <br>
Does it show it shooting ps whats your new youtube if you have a new one.
My New Youtube account is GoldenFireBird.
k i subbed
Do you mean add as friend
then yes
what does it fire
Blue Rods.
thats cool
Did you see what I mean by it being fake? Who couldn't resist: Fully automatic with 50ft? With a non-connected motor and fake trigger in only 7 layers, I don't think so...
it never did work
yes, i know, sounds a bit fakee
Get outa here.
Thanks. <br><br>Btw, I'm Blue Mullet, just my Blue Mullet account got blocked.
why'd it get blocked?
np, i know =D
Why not just say it is you, Blue Mullet, fooling people into thinking you are new isn't going to work. Do not keep it to your self, this is why the rate of innovation has gone down, people like you not sharing great ideas.
Im not fooling people! For crying out loud! I made that thing up there because I wanted everybody to know I'm new and back. =l
You are not new though... Glad to hear you have your account back. But next time it happens, don't make a palava about it. Just make another account to ask for it back. Don't pretend to be a noob.
Look, I'm not interested.
How does it work.
Motor, with a orange connector and a screw to hold it all together. And thanks!!!
Do you have a new ytube account cause the old one is closed
Yep. And this gun is a fully auto!
what is it and it is, it it an rbg
It is not a rbg
o what does it shoot?
Blue Rods.
o cool
=D I'm posting a video.
Yay hey im working on an m249 its sweet so far if you want i can get you some (in progress) pics
I'll look at it. The progress pictures.
k ill pm them to you in a min
Wait is this your new account Im confused

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