Introduction: LaserCut Rocket Keychain With LED

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Hey everybody this is my first ''Instructable'' i hope you like it

in this new instructable i teach you how crate a cool keychain with one LED is very easy :D

Step 1: Materials

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The materials we need

01.-A pice of ''MDF''

02.-Laser Cut Machine

03.-LED (I use a white LED but you can use the color you like)

04.-3V Battery (Clock Battery)


06.-Pencils, Paint, Etc.

07.-Masking Tape

Step 2: Desing and Cutting

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The most important part of the tutorial is the cutting process because is the principal pice of the keychain

if you dont know nothing abut the cut process visit this post

Step 3:

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Laser cut pieces

Step 4: Custom the Pieces

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After the cutting and clean you pieces now we to custom the pieces in my case i paint a rocket :D

Step 5: The Keychain

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Now we going to put all parts together

first mount the led an d next put the battery, after that put some masking tape in te battery to keep in thier position and put some glue or masking below the batery

Step 6: Final Process

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Now we have assembled all is time to enjoy our new keychain :D


amberrayh (author)2015-08-20

Good idea to make your own light up keychain. It looks great!

JUAN ANTONIOS2 (author)amberrayh2015-08-25


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