Hi there!

If you're reading this, you should know that this is my first instruction ever on this site :)

In this tutorial I will show you my somewhat new lasergloves, made 3 hours before this was written.
Perfect for the party or just showing off your friends.
It's shake-able, meaning you can wave your hands in the air like crazy, and they won't come apart. (!)
Haven't found anything like this on the web, or on instructables, so finally i'm first with something :P

Update: A movie with it in action!

Step 1: What You Will Need . . .

First off all, you will be needing a pair of gloves.
They should not fit too tight, nor too loose, just that perfect.
Gloves of choice is up to you, but i will be using a pair of simple black gloves you can find in almost any clothingstore.

Then you will be needing :

1. LaserModules. 10 of them, bought on ebay for 14$.
Mines are 5mW, and 6mm in diam. One for each finger.
They are also adjustable in the focus, so test them out before permanently attaching them to the gloves.

2. Resistors (85 ohm) You will be needing 2 for both hands.
3. Batterypack 9Volts. You can use a pair of 1,5V's batteries to get 3 volts out. But i will be showing it in 9V. (also 2 of them)
4. Some Stretchy fabric that's fairly strong and won't break or bust when exposed to heat or if stuck on something.
5. Cables, cables, and cables :)
6. Shrinktube.
7. Hot glue.
And loads of tools.. like a scissor and a heat-gun or lighter ( Be very careful with this stuff )

Time and Patience is also recommended!
<p>dufva, hey im not very good at making this sorta stuff so i was just wondering if maybe u would sell me one and mail it to me?</p>
<p>Dufva i get very confused with resistors, you used 85 ohm resistors but i cannot find and on ebay, could you help me out please?:)) i love your instructable by the way:D it gave me many ideas:D</p>
<p>Certainly i can help you!</p><p>If you don't find any 85Ohm resistor, you can use one that is close to it. e.g. 92, but it will not be &quot;as bright&quot; if it had been a 85 ohm's</p><p><a href="http://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-Vishay-BC-PHILIPS-MPR24-1-85K-1K85-ohm-0-25W-0-1-25ppm-250V-Resistor-/151156723681?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2331a48fe1" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-Vishay-BC-PHILIPS-MPR...<br></a>There's one for 85 ohm :)</p>
When u said cables,cables, and cables did u mean 3 cables.
Have u made any other inventions other than these gloves.
Um dufva I'm 9 yrs old so please no harsh language .<br>If you can, can you tell me what the supplies are I don't know what those are pics of
<p>Hi!<br>The supplies are made in a list from 1 to 7.</p><p>If you don't understand what everything is, maybe someone older than you (parents maybe) Can help you out!<br>/Dufva</p>
I made a 3d printable laser ring inspired by this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:49256 <br>
Neat :D
Very Nice!
Thanks! :D
can you post a link for the supplies
Sure i can =)<br>But the only thing i bought online is the Lasermodules:<br><br>http://www.ebay.com/itm/300834477802?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&amp;_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649<br><br>The other things you can find in stores near you I believe.
great idea, using the solder-sucker for the fingers; so how about using a soup can for the wrist?
Not a bad idea :-)<br>I think any can would do, but max size would be soda-can I think.
very nice... I like your project. I'm enjoy
I'm glad you enjoy them :)
Do you have a video? I would love to see it in action
I do have two videos actually, but haven't uploaded them yet, will do it later today !
Oh Man that is so cool. Very, very nice first ible. I can hardly wait for your second. <br>Now if you will excuse me I must go buy some lasers. 8D
Thanks :^)! .. Get plenty! :D
Very very cool! I might use adhesive-backed velcro in place of some of the hot glue. That is if I ever get a chance to do this 'ible! ... too many favorited already :(
Yeah. I have about 120 favorited instructables. Same here. And I have a pretty busy life anyway.
Thanks :D <br>That should work aswell, but i really love my hot glue &gt;:) <br>Haha, you will get to them some day!
holy yikes, this is great! a fancy techie-type instructable i can actually see myself accomplishing! <br> <br>i have two cats and a border collie mix plus i walk a lot at night (i live in canada - if you're in sweden, you know what that means: 6.2 minutes of sunlight!) so these gloves would not only be great for entertainment but also for safety - i have a head lamp that i use but it puts a glare across my glasses so i have a choice: i can walk blinded by dark and get hit by cars who can't see me in time or i can walk blinded by light and get hit by cars i walk in front of bec i didn't see them. <br> <br>with these gloves, my hands would be warm; drivers would see me; and my dog would get a LOT more exercise on our walks!
Haha, i'm glad you found it! <br>And yea I understand EXACTLY what you mean, those 6,2 minutes is rare during winter :-) <br>I have 3 cats and a dog, and they sure don't give those red dots a break! <br>The lasergloves is &quot;legal&quot; here in sweden, since it's 5mw per module, and anything stronger is not allowed outside your house. <br>So i think it could be a great idea, just dont point at any cars driving past :)
Very cool and simple idea. I like the simple series circuit and to save on resisters I think if I were to do this I would just add a sixth light to each hand. Gives me ideas for Halloween.
Thanks! <br>I tried to make it simple, but still to add in some electrical fun with it :) <br>Freddy costume with laser-knifes? :D
I like the idea of this and have a few thoughts <br>First is why have the laser on your thumb, you could do one on each finger and be able to use two 6v power sources (or one 12v but two 6v may be smaller and more concealed). Also this would eliminate the need for the resistor and any possible heat it would put out. <br>Second, what about a second set of larger gloves with the tips of the fingers cut off placed over the first. This would hide all the parts and you could even do some simple stitching to keep it all together. <br>Third, I have concerns about the longevity of the hot glue, at least for the securing of the modules to the first ring. Could some kind of stitching be done instead to secure them and be more durable. <br>Lastly, what would be your thoughts on cleaning? I am doubting that the modules could handle getting wet very well. <br>I think this has a lot of potential and could be fun in a cosplay costume or some other use like that. Just wonder if any of these ideas would help.
That is true, but I wanted one for each finger, including the thumb. <br>I could even use two 1,5V batteries to make 3V, then just hook one wire up for each laser. <br>But since i have .. 50(?) 9V-batteries laying here, i might aswell use them :D <br>When you say find a pair of bigger gloves is not a bad idea, I thought of it myself before, but couldn't find any bigger, it's like one-size. But i could maybe be able to strech another pair out sufficiently. <br>And i have no doubt with the hot glue, since It's covered in it. (I put under the whole piece i put over the module, and it really sticks) <br>Thoughts of cleaning,.. never had those, have no idea how to clean them ( :P ) <br> <br>And yes, it could be helluva fun in a cosplay costume &gt;:) <br> <br>(sorry for long reply)
Yea! :D
Great work, keep it up : )
Thanks :D <br>
One suggestion that I would like to make is using conductive thread instead of wiring. It would look a lot cleaner and be pretty cool!
That is very true, but I don't have the slightest clue where to get any in Sweden.. <br>And, since it's gloves that stretch pretty much, i thought it would break when taking them off. <br>I'm thinking of putting some sort of fabric over the wires so they are hidden. But that's for later :^)
man that would drive my cat crazy lol <br>thanks for the ideal <br>good instructable by the way
Haha yea, I have 3 cats and a big german shepherd, so i know what you mean ;D<br><br>Thank you aswell :^)

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