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Introduction: LaserTap Laser Target Pistol

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Anyone can build a fun and useful laser target pistol from an old Nintendo Zapper!

It's an easy project and the parts list is short:

* Nintendo Zapper
* laser diode
* 10-microfarad electrolytic capacitor
* 9v battery & battery clip
* various wires (pref. red & black)
* soldering kit
* hot melt glue gun

Have fun!



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    10 Discussions

    I'm a bit confused about the wiring
    Battery pos > back (closed) switch post
    Battery neg > ?

    Cap pos > center switch post
    Cap neg ? ?

    Laser pos > front switch post
    Laser Neg > ?

    Did you combine the neg leads from the battery and laser and attach them to the neg cap lead?


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    crap, how did i not see / respond to this post from THREE FRIGGIN YEARS AGO?!

    all the negatives are tied together. it's called a "ground". hope this helps the next guy.

    no, but it is not "eye safe". this particular laser diode is only rated to 4 milliwatts (considered relatively safe), but this mod pumps it up to about 326 milliwatts for a short pulse - definitely NOT eye safe! please be careful with these things and don't shoot people or animals. :?)

    there's already a huge cavity in the bore, and you certainly could do that. you'd want to put some sort of spacer in there so it fits snugly. i did it this way so alignment would be quick and easy. it actually works great! cheers. ~P

    it's been a while, but i think i remember getting them from All Electronics:

    that looks like them. :?) the caps and 9v battery clips should be really easy to find. i buy most of my components from Adafruit, SparkFun, Gravitech, etc. i hear you can get better prices on DigiKey if you know exactly what you're looking for and speak "engineer"...

    ~ Peter