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Lasercut a personalized mobile.  

I made it at techshop!  (San Francisco)

Step 1: Supplies I Used

What you need:

Adobe Illustrator (that's what I used at least.  Corel and Inkscape would probably be fine too...)
1/4" birch plywood cut to 24" width by 12" high.  I cut it on the table saw with help from Kyle.  Thanks Kyle!
Epilogue laser cutting machine (60 watts)
Jump Drive  (or dropbox would work fine)
Wood Glue

Note:  the laser cutting machine will hold a board up to 24"x18".  I cut mine arbitrarily and didn't use the whole piece.

To make the mobile part:
This is the tutorial I am using to make the actual mobile part.  You could laser the hoop or just use one from a sewing store.

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