Step 5: Finishing It Up

*If you want more traction on the wheels place a tight fitting wide rubberband around the front wheels before the next steps.

Next connect the two front wheels to the body using the second 2 1/8" tube. Make sure that the hands are on the outsides of the wheels and arms. Again make sure this isn't too tight or else the wheels dont move but needs to be flat on the outside or else the arm "stick" pieces will bump into them.

To connect the arms to the body use the 1 5/8" tube.

And there you have it! a simple boxing kangaroo!
<p>How about a little video to see it in action? I'm not quite sure how it's supposed to work</p>
This caught my eye when i was looking around and im happy i clicked on this. These look so awesome and are cleverly thought up!!
That is really cute! Kangaroos are perfect!

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