Picture of Lasercut BraceLED bracelet
In 2011 I made a bracelet with ducttape and LED's (I named it BraceLED. Duh.) The bracelet's clasp is a small magnet that also acts as a switch, so the leds only light up when you're wearing the bracelet.

This spring (2013) a few things happened:
  • I did a workshop with high school kids, making BraceLEDs. And they really, really liked doing that.
  • That day I also met a man called Leen. He was there doing workshops with a 3D printer and... a lasercutter.

Two weeks ago, I did a nighttime workshop (from 8 pm to 1 am...) with adults this time, again making BraceLEDs. And them too really, really liked doing that.

Funny thing: Although "bracelet" sounds like "for women", braceLEDs are equally popular with men and women, boys and girls. Being able to design your own helps with that, I guess.

So: Many people enjoy making BraceLEDs and Leen has a lasercutter: Last week Leen and me joined forces and made a new version of the BraceLED, with the aid of Leen's lasercutter. We'll be doing try-out workshop with kids on June 22nd. I hope to have some pics of kids' results by then. In the meanwhile, here's a video to show how the clasp / switch works:

If you have access to a lasercutter *), making the BraceLED will take 30 mins to 1 hour. Costs are around €2,00 per BraceLED, but there is a catch: Although you need only 30 cm of coppertape, you must buy a 15ft roll if you don't have it lying around. And that will set you back around €8 (US$10).

This I'ble is an entry in the Epilog Challenge. If you like it, please give it your vote (you can vote for as many I'bles as you like). Thanks!

*) If you think you _don't_ have acces to a lasercutter: Lasercutters tend to nest in FabLabs, Maker Spaces, Hacker spaces or Tech Shops. Look for them in in your area. 
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gitterbug2310 months ago

This is incredible! I love it!

ynze (author)  gitterbug2310 months ago

Glad you like it. And thanks for the patch :-D


ynze (author)  ynze10 months ago

Btw, I just read your profile and noticed you're a teacher. Did you do this with kids?

gitterbug23 ynze10 months ago

You're welcome! I have done work like this with kids - designing and rapid prototyping with a laser cutter and 3D printer. My previous job was at an Intel Computer Clubhouse and I spearheaded the creation of a makerspace there.

moskiii132 years ago
Thank you for the tip!
Great project, great workshop idea, great Instructable!
ynze (author)  masynmachien2 years ago
:-) You know how to make me smile :-) Thanks!
Yup, you were right....
I likeee it!!!
ynze (author)  emilyvanleemput2 years ago
Told you so :-). Thanks!
IamWe2 years ago
He Ynze, great idea and looks fantastic.
HollyMann2 years ago
Wow this looks awesome - great job!
ynze (author)  HollyMann2 years ago