Make a tiny watercolor palette from a mint tin for on the go sketching!

Watercolors in mint tins were not my idea, though I can't remember where I saw them first! My addition is to lasercut the holes for the paints, because I could never make the holes-poked-in-polymer-clay version look nice.

If you're the sort who doesn't like instructions, the files for the lasercut bit are here. :)

Step 1: Empty and Clean a Mint Tin

Empty and clean out an Altoids mini mint tin (the lasercutter files for this tutorial are designed to fit that size, but you can also use them as a starting point for your own size tin!)

<p>maybe you could sell these laser cut inserts on etsy. I'm sure a lot of people would be interested, and hey you could make a few bucks for art supplies </p>
<p>Thanks for the idea! I've definitely been considering this, I'll post an update if I get it set up.</p>
This is so cute, can I do it with out the laser cut?
Thanks! :) There are some tutorials on here that show how to do it with polymer clay (eg. Fimo) but I can never seem to make that version look nice. You could also cut some plastic (eg. delrin) to fit and drill the holes with a drill bit.
Thank you these are great making a few for my daughter birthday party
I'm in love with tiny things thank you soooooooo much for sharing
<p>Yay! I love tiny things too. :)</p>
So does the paint dry and how did you do the laser cut
Yes, it does dry, which is a good thing here! Tube watercolors are nice like that. When you add a little water with your paintbrush it wets them again so you can use them. This would not work with acrylics or any other type of paint that I know of.<br><br>Not sure what details you need on the lasercutter? A lasercutter uses a moving laser to cut out any design you can make on a computer. There may be a local makerspace, hackerspace, library, or TechShop near you that has one you can use. There are also services that will cut files for you out of a variety of materials, such as Ponoko (but I find them rather expensive).
<p>that's adorable, I can't wait to make one, or a dozen. would duck tape work to cover the top? I wonder what other media could be used this way? Thank you so much for this instructable</p>
Thank you! I've never tried duct tape but would be cool to see if you try it! You could also always spray paint these, but I don't particularly like the smell/mess of spray paint so I didn't.
Great Job !! I totally Love it , Good luck
Super cute. Great for on the go activity for kids.

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