One thing I like about Holidays is the opportunity to make some nice things as presents for my family. So this time I made a decorative coaster using a simple AI-based design tool and a laser cutter.

The design phase was so simple, actually all I had to do was to describe verbally what I want to do and let a graphic design bot make it for me.

This intractable will show you how to:

  • Create a Voronoi Pattern
  • Cut it to a desired shape and put a border frame around it.
  • Convert the output to vector graphics and set its size

You can then send it to a laser cutting service online or go to a nearby laser cutting shop and get it cut for you.

And here's the cool thing - We're going to use our email subject line as the design tool......

You can check this cool bot out here: www.askwilmor.com

Step 1: Making a Voronoi Pattern

We're going to use Wilmor, an AI-based graphics editing bot to make the pattern. Simply email him the request and you'll get the result back in a minute.

The request from the bot is simply: Make a Voronoi pattern through 100 points (click to try yourself)

The number of points sets the density of the voronoi pattern. You can increase or decrease according to your preference.

<p>Those look really nice. I might try to order some laser prints to make some Christmas presents. </p>

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