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Introduction: Lasercut a Door Tag

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When I leave my pup at home in her crate I alway leave Gillian Welch's "Harrow and The Harvest" playing, and leave KQED on the television.  This is so she can't hear the dogs at the dog park outside our window.  

I like to think she's a pretty sophisticated canine!!!

However, this means my housemates don't always know she's alone and don't know to let her out.  Sooooo, I made this door tag.

I made it at Techshop!  (San Francisco)

I'm also making one for my acupuncture clinic:  it will say "session in progress."  That's what the illustrator template says, which is attached to this instructable.

Caveat:  I'm going to show you the photos of my first attempt.  I realized I mis-guessed the measurement to fit on an actual doorknob.  So as you can see I hung it on a nail.  To avoid this use my illustrator template, which is 4.25" width by 11" height.  If your cut is 4.25" wide and you make a sizable round hole at the top then it'll fit over the door knob.

I made it this size in case you want to use an 8.5x11" piece of fancy paper instead of wood.  I'm going to see if I can link to my new illustrator CS3 template.  

Step 1: Design in Illustrator (or Whatever Program You Use...)

My rounded rectangle would ideally be 4.25" wide, and no more than 11" tall.

I cut a circle or oval out of the top, which will make the hole that fits over the door knob.

I selected a font I liked for the bottom, typed it, aligned it, creating outlines, making the line .001 thick so it'll cut (not etch).  Please see my "baby mobile" instructable for more information about all this and into specific to the 60 watt machine at San Francisco's Techshop.

Step 2: Sent It to the Laser Printer

To see more details about how I sent the print job to the laser cutter, please see my settings in my "baby mobile" instructable.  I used the same settings here.

Step 3: After Lasercutting, Time to Glue, Dry and Hang It Up!

Pop the circle out.  (You now have a free coaster!)

I like the look of a few empty letters with the rest still inside, so from the backside of the piece I glued almost all the letters into place with a basic wood glue.  

I let it dry.

And, voila, I'm done!

I'll probably sand it, and maybe varnish it.  

I'd write more, but I have to (ahem....) go walk the dog!



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