Picture of Lasercut and engraved wedding table plan
This instructable will provide you with the files you can use to create your own lasercut and engraved table plan. This would be ideal for  weddings, Barmitzvahs, anniversaries and other social events. The table plan in the photo is one that I did for my brother and sister in law about 3 years ago. I only  just thought of putting it on instructables.

Inkscape vector software (opensource)
Laser cutter or accces to one

Acrylic or other material to cut and  engrave.
LED lights to up-light table plan (optional)
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Step 1: Design your table plan

Picture of Design your table plan
The first step is to design your table plan. In this design I used offset rectangular shapes to create the table lists. I also imported some bitmap images to make it look nice.

You can use the svg files I have provided to make your own table plan or you can start one from scratch.

I also designed a stand as well which is included in the zip file.

Step 2:

Picture of
When you have completed your design you will need to convert your text, shapes and images to appropriate colours and line thickness for cutting or etching. You may need to speak to your laser cutting service for this.

The size of this table plan is approx 600mm x 420mm and it took over 2 hours to etch.

Good luck!
Kiteman1 year ago

Awesome idea, as long as there are no last-minute falling-outs...

Paulbacca (author)  Kiteman1 year ago