Lasercut Diamonds





Introduction: Lasercut Diamonds

Drew this design in Inkscape - I'm planning on eventually making a garland out of lots of these! I thought it could be really cute.

I'm thinking about improving on the design a bit, the lower right side is a little thin - especially on the smaller ones! I had some one of them break this morning on my way into the office. I'll have to make more.

I'd like to use this in design in lots of ways - I'm thinking etching into something or making a stencil out of it.

I've included a couple of the shots while I was in the shop making them - but they're kinda low quality because it was taken with the camera on my phone. :)

I've also included the files I used, if you'd like to make your own. I have to admit I think these are much prettier than real diamonds. :D



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    You drew your designs with inkscape. I have never tried inkscape. How is it?
    I like your diamonds so I am adding them to my favoites. :)

    I like it! The learning curve is kinda high, but once you spend a couple days with it it gets pretty comfortable. It has just as many features as Corel Draw or Illustrator - I definitely recommend it. :D

    And thank you!

    Teehee. You put: The phone on my camera. :D

    hahaha, whoops. This is what happens when you post 7 ibles in one day I guess. :P

    Lol. I love your work