I made this sculpture out of clay, the heart is pretty damn close to anatomically correct, but the hand could have used some work on the fingers. The palm was beautiful though! =P but of course it was covered by the heart =P

I hope this shows people who were arguing with me about one of my forums that i AM actually well educated, and i have talent that i dont spend on the topic of that forum.

 How many surrealist artist does it take to screw in a light bulb?
&nbsp;I dont know,&nbsp;<br /> how many ? XD
sorry guys my sister wrote that really she did i went to to the bathroom and left it on. SORRY
i hate your gut you jerk
Well done Instructable, you are obviously very talented. Thanks for sharing. I would love to make one like this for my wife. She has held mine for 30 some years and the last five or so she (with a little help from some docs.) has helped me keep it beating.
I am willing to sell it if someone is willing to buy it. i did a crappy job on the fingers though, becasue my hands got sore, and i couldnt get in between them very well.
I cant sell it anymore becasue my dad bumped into my desk and it hit the floor before it had been fired =(<br/>
very nice!
Thanks! =)<br/>
Haha nice!
Thanks! =)<br/>

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