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Introduction: Last Exile Goggles

"ANIMOWEAR" series stuff (anime-movie- wear).
Simple but very nice goggles, inspired by the recently released second season of the anime "Last Exile". Absolute copy did not seek, but the basic elements of similarity can be seen clearly.
Fans of cosplay can be fun.



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    incredibly awesome. gr8 work.

    Man, they're badass!

    Once again... I tip my hat to you. Great work! Great use of the ruler, and well lit pics. What do you weld and braze on? I have a work bench set up, and will be doing something artistic with brass and copper, but need to get an idea of the base area for work. Thanks for keeping up such great work!

    Thank you. For soldering, I use silver solder, flux and active propane burner. Good luck to you in all your endeavor

    im surprised you can do peices that size on a propane burner. i made a large handcrafted copper rose and my propane torch couldnt get hot enough i had to use an oxy acceerterline (terrible spelling sorry) one

    Perhaps you are using a high-melting solders. My solder melts at a temperature of 750 С, and propane burner allows me to work with him.

    it's not the solder dude, you can easily melt silver O% copper stick with propane, it's one of those things "mapp gas" tycoons don't wan't you to know... the trick is simple the torch, i make my own torches, bronze nozzle, low presurre regulator (like the one used for oxygen) and the last but not least important combustion chamber, stainless steel pipe 3/8" diameter flared to the inside on the tip and huge air intakes on the joint nozzle-pipe... trust my you can melt most stuff with this setup. (pm'me if you like pics.)

    I have no problem with soldering.  I just assumed the reasons for failure dudes. However, your advice will be useful to those who started working with these materials for the first time.

    sorry, actually the comment was intended to beermatt99, by the way i love your work it's amazing hope one day i can have result that clean.

    Oh my dog. How talented are you to make an amazing pair of goggles from a cartoon. Just. Wow.