Last Minute Gifts: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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A surprisingly simple dish that produces outstanding results and is guaranteed to impress that special someone.

Everything you need to know is right here:
Taking all the credit (Because saying "I did it all by myself..." versus "I got this from Instructables..." is like sleeping in the bed tonight instead on the sofa)

Step 1: The long and short of it all...

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Here's a scary scenario:
So you are standing there, wondering what to get your better half for Valentine's Day when it is late night February 13. You ask yourself "What can I conjure up in just a few hours with only (checking the wallet) 20 dollars?" She's going to kill you.

A quick peruse through the Instructables website returned no sign of chocolate covered strawberries so I figured it was long overdue. Now I know that this dish has been covered everywhere on the web and I admit that many years ago this was where I learned myself, but over the years I have developed a few tricks to make the whole process so much easier.

This is a dish that absolutely everyone can do. Many of the required items you should already have on hand if you own a kitchen, and those items that you do not have are most likely to be the perishables. Before I begin I should also note that this dish is applicable to most any other holiday, but they taste so good that your significant other will beg you to make more sooner than you think!
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ashbegash3 years ago
These look AMAZINGLY GOOD!!!!
I am singing the hallelujah chorus! =)
Tanjer15883 years ago
So Its my wifes birthday today and i got up at 7am this moring to make her some chocolate cover stawberrys. I made her some last year but they sucked... a lot. Used your method here and they turned out great, she loved them. Thanks man.
shootfilm3 years ago
Fantastic! I made this last night, will spring it on the lady today. Instead of the espresso bar, I used a Lindt chocolate bar infused with spicy chili pepper.  The chili is mild enough that it's just a tangy hint of heat; it tastes amazing!
HollyHarken5 years ago

The reason your chocolate is getting grainy is because you are leaving it on the stove too long!  Once your chocolate is melted remove the pot from the stove and set it on a heat proof hot pad so as not to burn your counter.  The hot water will keep your chocolate warm.  You should never melt chocolate over boiling water either.  Bring the water to a simmer and then remove the pot and add in the collendar, paper towels, bowl with chocolate and stir to melt.  Better yet use a double boiler pan if you have one.  They are very easy to make with a glass or metal bowl set on top of the simmering water.  Just make sure that the bowl is the same size or bigger than the opening of the pan.  Your bowl should never touch the hot water.  You can always reheat the water if your chocolate starts to get too cold and starts to harden.  An easy way to temper chocolate is to keep a small handful of chips or a square aside and after the chocolate has melted add in the extra chocolate to cool down the chocolate and bring it back into temper.  I've been doing this for years and it works.  I dip my baked Hazelnut spritz cookies in chocolate and then in chopped hazelnuts.

You actually threw the extra chocolate away?!!  With a simple candy mold you could have made chocolates.  Or just spread it out on a sheet of wax paper and let it cool down for a later use.  Do not refrigerate or the chocolate will bloom.  Just let it cool down and harden then break up into pieces to eat or leave in a solid slab, your choice. 

Also I would have placed some plastic wrap or waxed paper on top of the styrofoam to catch the drips.  Then you can reuse the drips by scraping them off and saving them in the bag that you used to melt the chocolate.  I'm not one to waste chocolate.

BTW it is Cereal no serial.  Spell checker would never have caught the mistake because the word is spelled properly, only it is the wrong word for the item. 

Otherwise a very good instructable :D <3

Great additional tips!

By the way, your correction ("...it is Cereal no serial") had at least three grammatical errors in it. Ironic, right? :D
dashka0953 years ago
Do not, i repeat DO NOT use baking chocolate!!!!!!! the whole melting thing? does not happen =(((((
Pizzapie5004 years ago
To me, chocolate covered straweberries tastes good even if they aren't pretty/professional.
inhaos4 years ago
looks yummy!!!!
i love chocolate and strawberry~~~
There are many techniques to dip strawberries in chocolate.   I always double dip Chocolate Covered Strawberries and cover them completely with chocolate.  Also, make sure to use long stem berries.  The presentation is great and they are easier to dip.
kandrplus64 years ago
I make these for parties & they are ALWAYS A HUGE HIT! KIDS LOVE THEM! **GREAT WAY TO SQUEEZE A LITTLE FRUIT INTO A KIDS PARTY!!!*** some tips i found for make chocolate a little thinner & easier to work with (can be found on the internet for chocolate for a "chocolate fountain") are to add a LITTLE cooking oil or white wine- depending on your taste, & I WOULDN'T RECCOMEND WINE FOR A SCHOOL PARTY....but it works good for adults....

don't overheat chocolate either- it just gets stiffer lol
a "double boiler" (use a stainless steel mixing bowl inside a saucepan of boiling water), works REAL GOOD for melting chocolate!

Nyxi4 years ago
:) With constant stirring, you can just microwave dark chocolate that's been broken up into little chunks. You'll just need one microwave safe bowl and a spoon, plus the chocolate of course. set it for only thirty seconds at a time and stir every time the timer stops.I used this method when I made my boyfriend an impromptu fondue meal with pineapple, bananas, grapes, marshmallows, and strawberries.
i made these last week with the help of your instructable for my boyfriend's 20th birthday and he loved them! so i just wanted to say thank you! :)

oh, one question though.. are there specific kinds of chocolate we have to use? mine were all sticky even after overnight refrigeration.. :( and that made a mess when i put it in a box and all..~ hope to make more sometime soon..! ^^
mfunk (author)  westlifelover924 years ago
I'm glad the two of you enjoyed them!

I had a similar problem once; the chocolate had a shiny/wet finish to it, the chocolate itself had not hardened all the way and was a little tacky, and in some examples the chocolate shell had separated from the skin of the strawberry. I determined that failing to dry the strawberries well enough after rinsing will cause the shell to separate due to moisture underneath. I was still left with the tacky, shiny chocolate (it will have a matte look when fully cured). During this time I noticed that other items in the refrigerator were not as cold as they should be, and there was noticeable condensation throughout. I later discovered that I had a faulty seal in the refrigerator door which was preventing the interior from cooling down enough and also letting moisture from the surrounding air inside. Basically, water will ruin chocolate.

It's hard to fail with the store bought bags of chocolate chips commonly used in cookies. They are tasty by themselves by the handful, and they melt quickly due to their size. I'm curious, what chocolate did you use?
oh, and another thing i did differently was... i melted the chocolate with the microwave instead of the method you suggested.. it was in the middle of the night and that seemed the most convenient and fastest way.. :)
aw, thanks so much for the reply!

ah, thing is.. i DID make an effort to fully dry each and every single strawberry before coating them..! hahah!

i think i know what the problem was now.. i added some milk to the chocolate...? =/ am i not supposed to do that? ahha. well, i used a bar of van houton cooking chocolate bar.. it was too thick and dry after i melted it.. [smooth though] and i remember always adding milk when i have a chocolate fondue...

did you use purely chocolate? have you ever tried adding milk, like i did? haha.
Screamo4 years ago
admiral0015 years ago
Nice Instructable. I just used it to make some as a birthday present for my girlfriend. Thanks.
lucdann6 years ago
There's an easier way to do this without having to do the ziploc bag technique, After the strawberries have been dipped, in another pan, melt your white chocolate, then take a wooden spoon and dip it in the melted white chocolate, you then hold the spoon directly above the strawberry and shake it in a back & forth motion, this gives you the thin zig zag lines across the strawberries so that it isn't "gobbed" on there.
mfunk (author)  lucdann6 years ago
The white chocolate looks chunky because in this particular batch it had bits of coconut in it--perhaps a poor choice for closeup photography in retrospect. I usually just apply the chocolate in rapid strokes to prevent the 'gobbed' look. Still, you have a great suggestion there! I have been wondering how to get finer lines of chocolate for some time. Thanks!
By far an awesome tut!  I am trying this tomorrow! Thank you and she is a lucky woman. True gift from the heart...Good job!
brandonduh5 years ago
 genius i'm about to do this right now. thanks :]

scrape into trash - more like scrape into mouth!!
I agree - how could anyone throw away chocolate?

But awesome tutorial.
The interwebs needed a step by step for chocolate covered strawberries.
Awesome tutorial. Thanx for that one :)
Van Halen5 years ago
 looks yummy
knektek5 years ago
Perfect! Ill have these in the summer. I have a strawberry plant that grows about 40-50 strawberries each year. just great!
Awhile back I came up with my own coffee flavored chocolate. I made some chocolate covered strawberries with it and they were the best I have ever made especially starting with dark chocolate and then adding that slight bitter yet complementary taste of coffee. Oh yeah.
LemonLily6 years ago
Wow, you know when the starwberries were in the syrofoam? I'm thinking about decorating a cake like that. And when you say serial bowl, is it the same as a cereal bowl?
When you say seriously, is it the same as cereasly? :P
Seleziona5 years ago
i want one!
Propaline5 years ago
I loved making this recipe for chocolate strawberries, but when it comes to the last minute to send a romantic gift for my wife, I send chocolate covered strawberries through Shari's Berries.
bettybee2155 years ago
I gotta tell you, i have been looking at recipes all day, but i have not found a step by step guide. great job! thank you for sharing! i am going to make these for my sister's birthday!
LemonLily6 years ago
Also to be green, try and use reusable things.
The recipe is nice and interesting. But don't you think making that at home is a bit difficult. What so ever chocolate covered Strawberries are really Yummy.
Difficult compared to what? Do you cook or bake at all or did you just use this comment section for a add for your link? Do you tell people that making chocolate chip cookies at home is a bit difficult? It's as easy as that.
mfunk (author)  Strawberries6 years ago
Actually, I think anyone can do this at home with ease and have tons of fun in the process. I especially think that any perceived effort is offset by the inexpensive cost of this recipe. For $25 one can have nearly three dozen fresh chocolate covered strawberries versus the link's one dozen. What do you suggest the readership do to make this recipe even easier?
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