Last Minute Halloween Projects made from Office Supplies

Oh no! The Halloween party's tonight?  What will I do???

Never fear, Instructables has you covered for last-minute Halloween projects you can make without leaving the office!  Check out these awesome costumes, props and decorations you can whip up at the last minute.  Everyone will think you spent all week coming up with these quick, clever projects.
 Halloween: cheap and easy dropping spider silhouette style
This was my dirt simple, zero cost, last second prop for Halloween. Since I had setup a lot of spider webs in my front door, essentially making it look as if you are walking into a cobweb, I figured ...
Dilbert costume style
Office having a halloween party? This one's for you. You will need 1. Dark slacks 2. White button up shirt 3. Constructions paper, pink, red, black. 4. Some old glasses frames, preferably plastic 5....
Make an Emergency Halloween Pinata style
OK, so we got invited to a Hallowe'en party, one of those where people bring contributions to the buffet."Of course we'd like to come - what shall we bring?""Could you manage a Hallowe'en-themed piñat...
Halloween decorations style
How to create a simple yet impressive Halloween corner featuring paper bats and a paper crow. You will need:white paperblack paperpumpkins in various sizesold cratecotton woolpencilscissorstape
Domo-kun Halloween Costume style
I was strapped for time and money for a Halloween costume, so I decided to go old-school, and get creative with a pair of boxes, construction paper, and sharpie. If you are able, sewing the boxes toge...
Handmade Halloween Treat Bags style
My favorite houses at Halloween were the ones that give away candy inside cute little treat bags. It made it extra special even if the candy inside was only Tootsie Rolls. I hope these simple steps wi...
Super quick last minute Squid costume style
This is just a quick last minute Halloween costume I made yesterday out of office supplies. Yay, an office supply instructable that doesn’t involve shooting things. Sorry I don’t have pics of the buil...
Cardboard Armor style
I made this for protection during cardboard tube tournaments ( http://www.tubeduel.com/ ). It protected me well; I took second place and I believe I would have won had the final match been allowed to ...
Boo! the Halloween Candy dispenser style
  Every year there is Halloween. Giving out candy to kids is very fun. But Sometimes, kids knock on your door  when your in the toilet. Sometimes you're just tired of walking...
Dress up your dust mask or Make Me a Kyuubi style
The simple dust mask is becoming more commonplace. You can now see people wearing them to the mall in an effort to protect their lungs. The standard mask looks boring and uninspired. It does however o...
Build the Starship Enterprise from useless office supplies style
For the Star Trek fan in every office, you too can build this NCC-1701 Enterprise from junk in your desk drawer. Easy to assemble. Impress your friends. Makes a great gift or holiday ornament.
Star Trek Command Badge style
For halloween I want to be the red guy on the away mission, lol. It's sad cause I don't think a lot of people will get that joke.  Anyways as part of the costume I need a starfleet badge.  As I am a s...
The Instant Mini Jack-o-lantern Army (made of citrus!) style
 Happy Halloween! This simple trick serves as a last minute decoration/treat to serve up on Halloween. Nothing says halloween like the iconic face of a Jack-o'-lantern. But what's one to do if it's ge...
Cool Halloween Mummy Decoration! style
In this instructable, I will show you how to make a cool mummy decoration for Halloween!Remember to vote for me in the Halloween Contest! 
Garbage Bag Ghosts style
These cute little ghosts can be quickly and easily made with just a few household items.