This project was a random idea that I thought I would follow through with. I was tasked to designing a light for a course work project, I started designing random ideas, but was soon told after my first couple of designs that they were all to arty. Not put off by this remark I decided to make it out of lessons. 

So here we go, here is the list of stuff you will need for the first step:
  • Mixing sticks
  • An apron
  • Work surface with a cover over it(bin liner or something)
  • Alginate
  • Water
  • Vaseline
  • Mixing Containers(I used half a milk bottle/carton)
  • casting cloth(bandages)
  • Plaster

Step 1: Casting

This step will guide you through the simple process of casting your hand, do not try more complicated parts of the body including your face etc. unless you have considerable experience with casting.

Set up your space to work on, maybe put the TV on as you may have to wait a while as things set. put an apron on and get every thing on the list out before you start doing anything. I highly recommend that this is a two man/woman job.

Cover the hand you are casting in a small amount of Vaseline, at this stage you should already know what shape you want your cast to be, REMEMBER: the cast has to come off so don't make it an awkward shape.

Mix the Alginate with the correct ratio of water according to the back of the packet.

Cover your hands in it making sure all areas are covered, try to make it one large ball around your hand as casting it later its alot easier. Make sure you do this as fast as possible as the Alginate will set quite fast. 

Once the Alginate has set and is rubbery like silly putty, you must cover it in 2 layers of cast bandages including their casting powder. Normally they just need to be dipped into water and draped over the alginate, make sure all areas are covered, especially the areas like the thumb if it is separate form the other finger.

Once all is set (30 mins to be safe) start to wiggle youre hand loose, if you cant get it out wiggle harder but try not to break the inside of the mold, if you cant get it out now you should cut a small seem in the cast but not the alginate. Now your hand should be able t be lossened nicly.

you now have your first mould! Congratulations...... 

......Now make two more!!(or however many you want if your making a bigger version.) REMEMBER: if you want them to fit together when assemble open your hand position a little wider than usual.

After all three have been made you can pour the plaster into them, mix plaster and water well and pour into the finished moulds, turn, tap and jiggle the moulds for 30 secs so that all the air bubbles dissapper as this will weaken the structure of the cast product(hand).

I found out the hard way, losing three fingers :(

Leave them in an upright position for a 48 hours, so they are completely set.

amazing! I'll definitely try it out! <br> <br>I totally loved it :)

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