Last Minute Chocolate Almonds





Introduction: Last Minute Chocolate Almonds

Still time for some homemade goodies before the Big Day. These little goodies makes a perfect
last-minute gift. This homemade treat has few ingredients and you make it in just a few minutes.

Step 1: So What Do You Need?

100g good quality chocolate, finely chopped. I used milk chocolate for this batch, a semi-sweet dark chocolate works as well.
150-200 g almonds
3 tablespoons of cocoa (maybe some more) in a plastic bag.

Step 2: And How Do You Cook It?

Melt chocolate.

Mix almond with melted chocolate.

Step 3: What Next?

Put almonds/chocolate mixture in the plastic bag with the cocoa.

Shake vigorously.

Some almonds will stick to each other. Separate them and shake some more. Sometimes you need to add some more cocoa in this step.

Empty plastic bag onto a tray. Put in fridge.

Step 4: Final Touch

Put almond in a glass jar. Cut some nice paper into a circle and glue to lid. Fold paper downward with your fingers or a bone folder.

Add a label if you want.


Use powder sugar instead of cocoa.
Use different kinds of chocolate.
Use other kind of nuts.



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    can you use chocolate chips

    isint cocoa bitter or is that something else?

    Bitter is better... But if you prefer a sweeter option you can use milk chocolate and cover in powdered sugar. Sweeeet!

    o i thought it would over power the sweet flavor. but i do not know anything about bakeing. thank you

    i LOOOOVE chocolate coated nuts
    mmmmyummyyumm yum

    (suddenly snaps out of it and wonders why i am chewing on computer screen)

    I found it easier to skip the plastic bag, and use a pan instead (used a cake pan), just dumped in some cocoa powder, dropped in the nuts, and shook the pan, separating the clumps as necessary. Then transferred the nuts to a clean pan for the fridge (and saved the cocoa powder pan for the next batch, after adding some cinnamon and cayenne).

    Thanks for sharing, this was a fun project!

    Oh Wow! I've been wanting to make chocolate coated nuts, but couldn't think of ways to keep them individual. When I make it with egg white, they come out like shards and stuck together. I made mint chocolate truffles for Christmas and it never occurred to me to coat anything else with cocoa like that.

    you are a genius! I haven't tried this yet, but I am so gonna do this. I'm so happy to find a way to make homemade sugar free chocolate covered almonds that won't cost an arm and a leg like the store brands do and won't give me gas like the maltitol sweetened diet candies give.

    I wish I had seen this before Christmas. I have 10lb of almonds sitting here that I didn't make into candies cause it would take too much time and trouble. Ha More for ME now!

    Very very good! Are quick to do, but end in an instant! :)

    I made some of this with blueberries, raisins, and dried apricots. It was great. Thanks for posting!