Latch Hook Beard


Introduction: Latch Hook Beard

I was trying to figure out what I should be for Halloween. At the time Crochet and Knitted beards were all over the web. I decided since my Husband (pictured) had a beard that I would make one and be him for Halloween. I decided to latch hook it so it looked more like hair. Everyone thought it was creepy. Alot of people thought I was a dude. Beard FTW.



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    Just a side-note for anyone using this idea: if you untwine the yarn, or buy fuzzy yarn for the latch hooking it may look more realistic. I haven't tried it, it might make the beard too bushy. But it's an idea.

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    Haha - I have to say before I read the introduction I thought you were a boy! That beard looks so real!

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    lol. Yeah I went out to the bars and I would wink at guys I knew and man they totally thought some guy was hitting on them.

    Please explain how to make one. Yours is the best I've seen and I need to made one for my friends and I. Its a must have! Pretty please explain how to make one. and I'll try my hardest to learn to knit or crochet so I won't have to ask for too many instructions. Thanks!

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    Thank you so much. I'm so sorry I never responded to your comment. I never even knew it was here. Please forgive me. What I did was first crochet a grid in the shape of my chin back to my ears. Then I made a grid for the mustache and attached it to the beard. By 'grid' I mean filet crochet. This style of crochet is usually used to make a flat image but also works wonderfully for making a base for latch hooking. I used a bunch of different shades of brown yarn to hook on to make it look more realistic. I hooked on longer pieces of yarn to the center of the beard and shorter ones towards the ears. I hooked very short ones for the mustache. To wear it I just attached some yarn at the ends to wrap around my ears. Which I found completely uncomfortable. But hey it worked. So, yeah, I guess look up filet crochet and latch hook. Hope this helps.