Picture of Late summer cheesecake
Hello lovely people and happy summers to you. I really like the summertime I really do. There's the warm weather, the times spent outdoors, girls wearing less clothing (oops), and definitely the food. I know... I know, cheesecake doesn't really scream "summer". In fact it is actually more of a winter dessert in some places. But I like my cheesecakes on all four seasons so I'm making this anyways.

This recipe is actually my version of Jamie oliver's NYC cheesecake which I stumbled upon on youtube one fine evening. I love cheesecakes but I haven't been able to make one. My mother is usually an avid baker and chef at home, and even she has never made a cheesecake because she thinks its too much fuzz than going to the bakery and buying one. But I wanted to make one, so I did.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Base layer

-250 grams of biscuits
-125 grams of butter

The jamie recipe calls for some dark chocolate but I dont have any, and I dont like chocolate anyway.

Cheese custard

-600 grams of some cream cheese
-3 eggs
-5 teaspoons of sugar
-You should use some fresh grated vanilla extract from real vanilla or a teaspoon of vanilla powder if you're like me and dont have access to fresh vanilla.
-some lime juice

Step 2: Add some "crunch"

Picture of Add some
To make our cake stand on its own and not pour the cheese everywhere we need a strong foundation.

Open up the pack of biscuits and pour them into a bowl. You can use a food processor for this, I don't really like too much machines because I like to get hands on with my cooking so I just use a bowl and my hands.

Crack them up inside the bowl until its fine.
hegure_ryu6 months ago

Oh my gosh, my mother still has those plates, I remember them when I was a kid.