Latest School Project - Friction Fit Lid Box


Introduction: Latest School Project - Friction Fit Lid Box

Hey there guys. Just decided to post pics of my most recent school Resistant Materials (Well, it's really woodwork for this...) project. It is a friction-fit lidded box which measures 15x10x8 cm. The arrow design on top was my own unique work, as were tasked to use a decorative lid. Apart from saying it is made from soft wood (Specific tree unknown to me) there isn't much else to say. Enjoy!



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    you should line it with some kind of soft foam or cloth

    i have a feeling the wood is pine. we are doing ( a variation on) this project, and that's what we are using (specific type of pine unknown to me )

    I would recomend using dovetail joins instead of finger ones

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    they were probably tasked to make it with finger joints, given how simple they are.


    What is a friction-fitted lid??

    It's quite nice. Perhaps you might add information on how to *make* such a project. I personally have no idea how to make a friction-fitted lid, what kind of tolerance is necessary, what kind of tricks (if any) are helpful during construction. Thanks!

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    I'd be happy to post instructions, if I could make another at school. I'll see :-)

    Nice. The decoration (less blu tac) is very effective.

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    Haha... I need to find my fletching glue again! Thanks though :-)