Picture of Latex Mask Part 1: Head Mold and Clay Sculpt
This is part 1 of an Instructable which will show you how to make a latex mask. Eventually we will be taking a clay sculpture, and molding it in plaster, and then pouring liquid latex inside of it, and then pulling out the final mask. But before we get to that point, starting with an exact copy of your head will make for a nice, tight-fitting mask. You could start with a Styrofoam head and sculpt your head shape on top of it, but unless you're good at sculpting, it should be easier and faster to start with a cast copy instead.

Normally, molding a head can be difficult, but this method is simple and easy. With the use of paper mache, or plaster strips, you can make a 2-part mold, and you can even do the entire process by yourself. And, as always, without spending too much money. It should take about 45 minutes to make the head mold, and then another half an hour to make the clay copy.

Here's a video tutorial you can follow, or watch as an introduction to the overall process, including both Part 1 and Part 2. The step-by-step Instructables are more detailed and have more advanced tips and recommendations.

teflon1952 years ago
As far as the plaster strips goes when I buy the box like you have. Do I just wet them with water and apply to my face and head as is?
When I used plaster strips in the past, I put a bald cap on and put vaseline all over my entire head and face. It's a mess and gross to clean off, but at least the plaster won't take your skin off. Pay attention to eyebrows in particular, it's easy to get them caught in the plaster.
thank you, you finally solved my problem, i did'nt found real size styrofoam heads from finland, but i make it my self!! I fill my plaster mold with paper mache and voil'a a head!
poofrabbit3 years ago
This is a great 'able!! I'm very excited to see pt 2, keep up the great work!!
i agree completely and is the vaseline super necessary
I can answer that, yes it is. Plaster not only can burn you, but with out Vaseline you can rip off your hair and damage your skin, you need the layer of protection.
oh......definetly goin to use it.