This is part 2 of an Instructable which will show you how to make a latex mask. In Part 1, we made a 2-part plaster mold of our head and used it to make a clay copy. Now, we will be taking the clay sculpture, molding it with plaster, then pouring liquid latex inside of the mold, and pulling out the final mask.

Normally, molding a sculpt can be difficult, but this method is somewhat simple and easy. Usually, molds of mask sculptures are done as 2-part molds. For simplicity's sake, I'm doing it all in one piece. It is generally easier to do it all at once instead of in halves, but the method does have its disadvantages as well. I'll point those out along the way.

And, as always, we'll try not to spend too much money. You'll have to make a mess, though, and the process will take some time: a few hours to make and clean the plaster mold, and several hours more for casting the latex.

Here's a video tutorial you can follow, or watch as an introduction to the overall process, including both Part 1 and Part 2. The step-by-step Instructables are more detailed and have more advanced tips and recommendations.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials needed for making the plaster mold:
  •     Clear Spray Paint/Lacquer
  •     Plaster of Paris, water, and a bucket
  •     Plaster Strips
Materials needed for casting the latex:
  •     Liquid Latex
  •     Hair Dryer
  •     Baby Powder
Other tools you might use would be a paintbrush, scissors, wires, toothbrush, wash towels, sandpaper, and acrylic paint. And you'll definitely want a tarp, or to lay down newspapers over your working area.

Total cost of materials (not including materials I already had lying around) was about $6 of plaster. A craft store or hardware store would be the place to find the plaster of Paris (be sure to take advantage of the usual "40% off one item" coupons at craft stores). Plaster strips are good to buy in bulk, from Amazon or eBay, or another online store. A good price is around $50 for a 20 pound box. Liquid latex is best to buy online, in gallon-sized jugs. Check eBay or costume/makeup supplies websites. Do NOT use Mold Builder. It's not safe on skin. Make sure your latex is specifically for mask making. Usually priced around $50 a gallon.
What's the point of casting a replica of your head? It looks like the inside of the mask would be where the clay is and you lost all of your own defintions
Thank you so much for this instruct able!! I was really nervous going into it cuz it's my first time making a latex mask and other instructable have more steps and what not but my mask came out exactly how I wanted it! One word of advice though for anyone else using this is make sure that your clay sculpt has no cracks in it and when you make the plaster old over top of that, make sure the first layer of plaster is as smooth against that sculpt as possible because my plaster had a couple spots that weren't as tight so the latex seeped in and was tricky to pull out of the mould. Over all I highly recommend this instruct able!!!!!
I've noticed on some of your mask you just paint the latex right onto the clay. On others you make a mold then pour the latex in. Which one is an overall better quality?
How did you make the ears and the nose? Did you put holes in them and then attach them to the mask so the liquid latex could seep in and make the ears
Can't you just fill a regular batman Halloween mask with clay modify it and just sculpt the rest?
great work. sucks it fell over. keep up the great work.
Amusing for someone who looks like Harvey Dent to become batman. <br> <br>But seriously, good Instructable. Lots of pictures.
where can i buy liquid latex?
Holy Silicone Batman! Looks great!!! Very Nice Job!

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