Step 5: Adding Hair

Picture of Adding Hair
I bought some long white tracks of hair to add to the mask.  I was able to sew the hair through the wool cap and the latex to build up the layers of hair from the bottom.  For the front and part in the hair, I wanted a more realistic finish.  To achieve this, I added a lace piece and ventilated pieces of hair like making a proper wig.

Ventilating is exactly like the latch kit rugs of ages ago.  You feed a loop through one hole in the lace, and pull the loose ends through the loop and tighten the knot.  This technique gave me lots of control about how the visible edges of the hair would look, and I'm really please with the final result.  

Since facial hair is usually much coarser, I needed a completely different set of hair for the moustache.  I scavenged a cheap, frizzy white wig, and sewed the hair directly through the latex.