Turn gingerbread on a lathe, in your kitchen.  It is fun!

The gingerbread was cooked in a soda can for about an hour, so that it was very hard. Then I microwaved the gingerbread for a minute to make sure it got really hard.

Then I put it on the wood lathe, and here it is.

cheap lathe from  Harbor Freigh
bnutmeg5 years ago
Things like this make me so proud to be friends with you guys. 
marc.cryan (author)  bnutmeg5 years ago
Things like this make me so proud to be friends with you guys. 


We don't have the cable TV, so we have to make are own fun!

smegger5 years ago
 You mean 'turned' not 'lathed' right? Just curious!
marc.cryan (author)  smegger5 years ago
Yes - I suppose so.
junits155 years ago
I bet that bottle of VO was pretty helpful in making this ;)
iculus5 years ago
This instructable is really an inspiration ... not because of the gingerbread ... but because of the kitchen lathe.  Kitchen tablesaw, here I come!  It can double as a bread slicer.

Well done.
ironsmiter5 years ago
The important part of this slideshow is not the gingerbread.

You have come up with a GREAT EXCUSE so that the better half will let you put more power tools in the kitchen!

Next, try chucking a whisk in the drill press, adding a bowl, and calling it a stand mixer.

Then, make Oxy-acetylene Creme Brulee.

Add insult to injury, and bring the bandsaw in there, and slice some frozen meat.

marc.cryan (author)  ironsmiter5 years ago
Ironsmiter - You are absolutely correct!

Why does a stand mixer cost $300+ when you can buy a drill press for $80?

And as always, the most important thing is to marry the right woman!

awww......thanks babe!
gmoon5 years ago
OK...Kitchen lathe--check. Bottle of Seagrams--check.

Yup. Good to go. +++
...don't forget the pills
It's bad enough I let him lathe in the kitchen, but now you guys have to comment on the clutter? Marc, you need to clean the kitchen better next time.  :)

ps, the seagrams is from another instructable.
marc.cryan (author)  gmoon5 years ago
That's right!
caitlinsdad5 years ago
I dunno, it could have used some finish on it like butter or strawberry glaze.
Kush_Slayer5 years ago
im debating which is worse, this or the laser cut gingerbread bridge
Momma_Bear5 years ago
 You could make an entire gingerbread chess set like this! Especially like the clean up crew. Woof!
This all kinds of awesome, and I'm not at all influenced by the fact I just came in from turning x mas gifts.