Latin Final Project 2012: Commodus's Armor From 'Gladiator'


Introduction: Latin Final Project 2012: Commodus's Armor From 'Gladiator'

About: Hello all! I'm Michelle, a college sophomore studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. My interests vary wildly, though, so expect to see quite the variety from me!

For my Latin class we have a final project consisting of an essay, an oral presentation, and a physical project. For my junior year project I decided to try and reproduce the armor Commodus wears in the senate in the movie Gladiator. My friend Phil was kind enough to model it for me both for the presentation and the impromptu photo shoot on my back porch. 

Admittedly, it is a bit sloppy. It was done in the 3 weeks between prom and the project's due date and the armor is made of craft foam, fiberglass, and bondo. It was then given a coat of primer, then brown spray paint, and then the gold paint. The laurel wreath is plastic leaves hot glued together and spray painted gold. The cape is just a square of white fabric and the tunic is from an adult's Roman Gods Halloween costume pattern that I can't seem to find.

These pictures were taken post-presentation and post-phil trying to do push-ups in it, so the armor has sustained some damage. 

Thanks for taking a look! Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I'll be sure to get to them when I have a moment.



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