This is a tutorial on how to Lattice Lace your shoes from 


Step 1: What You Need


Step 2: String

Put the laces evenly under both eyelets.

Step 3: String

take the string in the last eyelet on the right and put it in the forth on the left.

Step 4: String

Put that same string under to the next eyelet and over to the second on on the right.

Step 5: String

Take that same string and go up one now on the right. go across to the next top one on the left.

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat what you did for the other string now on the left side.


You're now Complete!!

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this is a good one but it looks a lot cooler if you weave the laces through each other <br>
How would this work on High Tops? Could you make a 8-hole version? Or an 11-hole version?
i found a way of doing it for hightops but it skips one hole<br><br>if you thread it through the 5th hole in the first step then carry on in the manner described in the instructable then it works
Ok. Thanks.
What's a "now Complete(O)", and why is it mine?
Just because COMPLETEO is a cool word i made up! what is urs?
I'm sorry. I was making a joke about your comment "Your now Complete(O)". Your --> Something belonging to you You're --> Short for You Are. Should have been "You're now Complete(O)". Kind of a pet peeve of mine.
o lol. hey what ever makes my instructable better right!
hey starburst552 i love this! <br>my friends think my shoes are so cool and they have even asked me to do theirs. <br>thanx heaps
Yay!!! now my adidas rock!!
kewl i just did this on my now sick adio kicks!!!!!!
I &lt;3 this just did it with my neon green converse! :D
This is hands down my favorite way to lace my converse. I did the exact same thing you did but I wove the laces kinda like you weave strings to make a pot holder. I find it makes the shoe tighter and grip on better. :)<br />
good idea, post a pic?
No problem!<br />
they look cool, you could still extend it maybe up the top? or does it not work?
I tried that on someone elses high tops, and couldnt finish it, and they got very mad at me :)
duuuuude i signed up on this website JUST to comment on ur thingy thanks for the easy step by step instructions, my converse double upper lo tops now look great thaaaaanks
i started to do this, only to realize on the last step that this guide isnt made for hightops haha
&nbsp;thats hella legit&nbsp;
&nbsp;Ha, thanks. i have tons more, just check em out! they are mostly in the related section on the side or i got one on the front page :)!
i wish i'd thought of this...it looks great!<br />i quite like lacing it differently on each foot...gets them noticed :D<br />thankuu!<br />
<strong>thanks!</strong><br />
&nbsp;Cool Beans, I like this, though I agree it would be even nicer ifthe laces were interweaved ^__^
<strong>ya. i actually wear my laces in the </strong><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Loop-Back-Lacing/"><strong>www.instructables.com/id/Loop-Back-Lacing/</strong></a><strong> style</strong><br />
hey, something that would be really intersting to add to this would be actually interweaving the laces, so it'll kind of look even more like a lattice. :D
i have these shoes (except i have 14 holes, not 12) and i interweavedit, it looks badass<br />
&nbsp;try it, post a pic. i can add your pics to make like an add on and give credit to you if you want. just post the pics in steps and add descriptions and i will copy and paste it into this instructable.
i did that b4 but they were weaved together, u should try it sum time, it looks sick!
&nbsp;it would also look sweet if it were 2 color shoe laces.
This is pretty cool. I would assume that the laces will still work if woven to make a true lattice pattern, correct?
yes they would work that way too.
Very cool, but it certainly wouldn't look as good on my non-Converse shoes.
try it! cant tell until you do right? put some pictures up if you try it, i would like to see em.
That's true. I'll give it a shot if I find the time.
glad i could satisfy someone :)

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