Lattice Lacing





Introduction: Lattice Lacing

This is a tutorial on how to Lattice Lace your shoes from

Step 1: What You Need


Step 2: String

Put the laces evenly under both eyelets.

Step 3: String

take the string in the last eyelet on the right and put it in the forth on the left.

Step 4: String

Put that same string under to the next eyelet and over to the second on on the right.

Step 5: String

Take that same string and go up one now on the right. go across to the next top one on the left.

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat what you did for the other string now on the left side.


You're now Complete!!

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    this is a good one but it looks a lot cooler if you weave the laces through each other

    How would this work on High Tops? Could you make a 8-hole version? Or an 11-hole version?

    i found a way of doing it for hightops but it skips one hole

    if you thread it through the 5th hole in the first step then carry on in the manner described in the instructable then it works

    What's a "now Complete(O)", and why is it mine?

    Just because COMPLETEO is a cool word i made up! what is urs?

    I'm sorry. I was making a joke about your comment "Your now Complete(O)". Your --> Something belonging to you You're --> Short for You Are. Should have been "You're now Complete(O)". Kind of a pet peeve of mine.

    o lol. hey what ever makes my instructable better right!

    hey starburst552 i love this!
    my friends think my shoes are so cool and they have even asked me to do theirs.
    thanx heaps