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Step 1: What you need

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this is a good one but it looks a lot cooler if you weave the laces through each other
rnorman33 years ago
How would this work on High Tops? Could you make a 8-hole version? Or an 11-hole version?
i found a way of doing it for hightops but it skips one hole

if you thread it through the 5th hole in the first step then carry on in the manner described in the instructable then it works
Ok. Thanks.
mrmath5 years ago
What's a "now Complete(O)", and why is it mine?
J@50n (author)  mrmath5 years ago
Just because COMPLETEO is a cool word i made up! what is urs?
mrmath J@50n5 years ago
I'm sorry. I was making a joke about your comment "Your now Complete(O)". Your --> Something belonging to you You're --> Short for You Are. Should have been "You're now Complete(O)". Kind of a pet peeve of mine.
J@50n (author)  mrmath5 years ago
o lol. hey what ever makes my instructable better right!
hey starburst552 i love this!
my friends think my shoes are so cool and they have even asked me to do theirs.
thanx heaps
Yay!!! now my adidas rock!!
rockadio1014 years ago
kewl i just did this on my now sick adio kicks!!!!!!
chunkylight4 years ago
I <3 this just did it with my neon green converse! :D
This is hands down my favorite way to lace my converse. I did the exact same thing you did but I wove the laces kinda like you weave strings to make a pot holder. I find it makes the shoe tighter and grip on better. :)
J@50n (author)  DuplessisStudios5 years ago
good idea, post a pic?
No problem!
J@50n (author)  DuplessisStudios5 years ago
they look cool, you could still extend it maybe up the top? or does it not work?
I tried that on someone elses high tops, and couldnt finish it, and they got very mad at me :)
maroon55 years ago
duuuuude i signed up on this website JUST to comment on ur thingy thanks for the easy step by step instructions, my converse double upper lo tops now look great thaaaaanks
craig35 years ago
i started to do this, only to realize on the last step that this guide isnt made for hightops haha
 thats hella legit 
J@50n (author)  unbentcrayfish5 years ago
 Ha, thanks. i have tons more, just check em out! they are mostly in the related section on the side or i got one on the front page :)!
i wish i'd thought of this...it looks great!
i quite like lacing it differently on each foot...gets them noticed :D
J@50n (author)  crak-a-bottle5 years ago
WuLongTi5 years ago
 Cool Beans, I like this, though I agree it would be even nicer ifthe laces were interweaved ^__^
J@50n (author)  WuLongTi5 years ago
ya. i actually wear my laces in the www.instructables.com/id/Loop-Back-Lacing/ style
DIS.AR.RAY5 years ago
hey, something that would be really intersting to add to this would be actually interweaving the laces, so it'll kind of look even more like a lattice. :D
i have these shoes (except i have 14 holes, not 12) and i interweavedit, it looks badass
J@50n (author)  DIS.AR.RAY5 years ago
 try it, post a pic. i can add your pics to make like an add on and give credit to you if you want. just post the pics in steps and add descriptions and i will copy and paste it into this instructable.
emozebra135 years ago
i did that b4 but they were weaved together, u should try it sum time, it looks sick!
J@50n (author)  emozebra135 years ago
 it would also look sweet if it were 2 color shoe laces.
marc925 years ago
This is pretty cool. I would assume that the laces will still work if woven to make a true lattice pattern, correct?
J@50n (author)  marc925 years ago
yes they would work that way too.
marc92 J@50n5 years ago
Very cool, but it certainly wouldn't look as good on my non-Converse shoes.
J@50n (author)  marc925 years ago
try it! cant tell until you do right? put some pictures up if you try it, i would like to see em.
marc92 J@50n5 years ago
That's true. I'll give it a shot if I find the time.
J@50n (author)  marc925 years ago
glad i could satisfy someone :)