Introduction: Laughing Coke Can Prank

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This instructable details how to make a coke can prank (or any drinks can) that will laugh when picked up and tilted towards the mouth.

It's a great prank to play on friends/colleagues/family when you get a chance to swap out their drink for your rigged one!

I tried to make this ible as simple as possible to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Where I could I taped instead of soldered. Info in the steps should be transferable to most other noise making toys!


- drinks can
- toy that laughs
- tilt switch
- batteries
- electrical tape
- solder


- wire strippers
- soldering iron
- hammer
- punch or nail
- hacksaw blade or scissors
- pliers

Step 1: Opening Up the Can

Picture of Opening Up the Can

Turn over the can. For items required in this step, see picture two.

With a punch or nail, pierce the bottom of the coke can. Wiggle it until the hole is wide enough to insert a hacksaw blade.

Gripping the hacksaw blade in the pliers (or your fingers if you're hardcore), cut a slit. Cut two more slits so the bottom of the can is divided into six. Once the hole is larger, using a strong pair of scissors may be easier than the hacksaw blade.

Carefully push the six tabs inwards to make a hole. Dividing the bottom of the can more is better, it will cause the rim to bend less and your can won't wobble then.

Step 2: Canibalise

Picture of Canibalise

Gut the toy of your choice. Mine laughs manically when you squeeze it. I cut off the flashing LED and saved it for another project and before continuing checked it fitted in the can.

Step 3: Power

Picture of Power

Having cut away the battery holder that was too big to fit in the can, I taped two AA batteries together and connected them in series with a piece of wire and some tape. This will supply the circuit board with the 3V it needs. I attached this to the circuit board and pressed the button to check it worked.

Having checked it still works, detach the batteries.

Step 4: Installing the Tilt Switch

Picture of Installing the Tilt Switch

Rip off the contact switch. This will be replaced by the tilt switch so when your victim/friend/colleague goes to take a swig, it laughs.

The circuit is completed when the current flows across the interlocking lines. Soldering the contact switch either side of this will complete the circuit when the tilt switch is.... well... tilted!

Use some helping hands (not a friend, it will get hot!) to keep the tilt switch in the correct position while you solder it on. Be careful not to get solder across the contacts!

Step 5: Add a Toggle Switch

Picture of Add a Toggle Switch

This goes between the board and the batteries so you can turn it off while you're carrying it.

I cut the positive wire in half and soldered in the switch. Adding some electrical tape around the contacts will stop them shorting out against each other.

Tape it to the board so that when inserted into the can it can be accessed from the hole in the bottom.

Step 6: Add the Batteries

Picture of Add the Batteries

Tape the batteries to the other side with the visible contacts facing down. Tape the positive and negative leads to the correct terminals. Remember to get them the right way round or it more than likely won't work!

The magnet in the speaker should hold it conveniently to the batteries on the end that the tilt switch is located so that it's pointing upwards towards the drinking hole.

Add double sided tape to the back of the batteries and insert through the hole in the bottom of the can. Stick it to the wall opposite from the drinking hole, then as your victim picks up the can and tilts it towards them the can will laugh/howl manically at them!

Step 7: Operation (& Prizes)

Picture of Operation (& Prizes)

Install the circuit in a brand of drink that you know your friend or colleague frequently drinks.

When they leave their desk/room to do something, quickly swap out their real can of soft drink for your rigged one. Turn it on and..... wait. If you're mean, drink their real can.

When they return and take an unsuspecting swig, the can will burst out laughing, hopefully causing them a fright or to drop it.


I'm offering a cookie patch to the first three people to post a picture of the innards of their prank can and a video of it in operation on their unsuspecting victim (no fakes please!). You'll also get a mention edited into this step with a link to your video.


freeza36 (author)2012-03-31

you should include a video

pootiechang (author)2009-07-30

Adds a completely new meaning to "canned laughter"

churchman (author)pootiechang2010-09-07


beehard44 (author)pootiechang2010-03-11

try  Pedobear-style Laughter.... or pedo seal, or pedo cat, or pedodog or pedofish.... pedo-tato, anyone?

Saturn V (author)2010-05-12

You should put something that vibrates on it instead of something to make sound.  That way, it spills all over them!

am111 (author)2010-03-29

you know i did that except i rigged it to say hehehheheheheheheheh and it was a bash

Capt. Kidd (author)2010-03-16

I showed my cousin this and he did it on me when I was unsuspecting, switched my coke can for his when I took a piss. I nearly had a heart attack!

P.S. Why do you "take a piss" when you are giving the toilet your piss?

robinmitra1 (author)2009-07-30

you have exactly same computer table as me lol

Jayefuu (author)robinmitra12009-07-30

It didn't look so heavy before I decided to carry it back from B&Q;! I was :(

beehard44 (author)Jayefuu2010-03-11

i see you're from UK.....
first maplin, then b&q

robinmitra1 (author)Jayefuu2009-07-30

oo i got it from ikea tho..ya its heavy!

tanmanknex (author)2009-08-02

instead of worrying about precariously soldering a wire to each of the ends, why not put the tilt switch on one of the battery leads? you could just bridge the push button sensor withsolder or something. Just an idea.

Jayefuu (author)tanmanknex2009-08-06

That's a good idea :) In my case, the soldering was pretty easy, with other toys it might not be so your solution would make it a load easier. I'll add it in soon. Thanks!

tanmanknex (author)Jayefuu2009-08-06

Glad I could help.

beehard44 (author)tanmanknex2010-03-11

it would also save up on the battery...

godofal (author)2010-01-01

yay, tilt switch came in, ive soldered it, and hot glued it to a 7up can :D
its now waiting in the fridge for a helpless victim XD

gotta make a video of it in action soon, free patch for me :D

Jayefuu (author)godofal2010-01-01

Definitely! And will include it in the last step with your permission if you get one :)

godofal (author)Jayefuu2010-01-02

well, maybe not if the victim doesnt want to >.<
and maybe u wont understand a bit of what would be said, since were all dutch...

the can is still in the fridge...
we dont have soda that much, so if we have it we already kinda know its for somebody, so we dont take it :P
maybe i should give it to someone, then il have the chance to video it to :P

Jayefuu (author)godofal2010-01-24

Did you get anyone? :D

godofal (author)Jayefuu2010-01-24

kinda, my sister liked it and tried it on her friend, but she was to suspicious, and all they kinda did was gigle (someone shoot them for that)
its mostly becouse its to light, so im gonna add something as a weight, and see if it works then...

Rubber Duck (author)2009-09-24

Oh boy, I think our goodwill has a tickle me elmo, but I know it has a chicken dance elmo!!!

arzarach (author)2009-07-30

what spicific laughing toy did you use and were did you get it and the tilt switch


mo5 (author)confused-confucious2009-08-28

alot of fast food stops have them

CAN HAS MORE CAPS LOCKS PLZZ?? You can get these toys all over. Tickle me elmo is a good one if you can find it cheap, lots of the talking/laughing birthday cards would be good, gadget stores usually have cheap laughing beanbags or other such laughing toys, as do most toy shops.

arzarach (author)Jayefuu2009-07-31

thx didn't realize how many things make noise

Jayefuu (author)arzarach2009-07-30

The tilt switch was this one from Maplin. It was £1.89. You could get similar switches from loads of retailers. If you find one you think is suitable but aren't sure, message me with a link and I'll check it before you buy.

ripstik juggler (author)2009-08-20

this is truly briliant... i know how to record an evil screeching noise and i used that instead of laughing. my brother just about p****ed himself when he tried to take a drink [=

nerd12 (author)2009-07-30

this is an totally awesome prank id like to try it on my parents or sis but they don't drink, buy cans and i can't get all the meterials for this project. thanks though!

Jayefuu (author)nerd122009-07-30

Thank you! Subscribe and vote please, I'll be adding more soon!

frikkie (author)2009-07-30

Very nice!keep up the good work

Jayefuu (author)frikkie2009-07-30

Thanks! Please vote if you haven't already!

corksean14 (author)2009-07-23

I got something similar as a christmas present- it was a mug that played a christmas carol when lifted up. Instead of a tilt sensor, it used a light sensor on the bottom , which meant that it didn't always activated when lifted, making it even harder to find the source of the song.

my uncle had one of those, but we threw it away because every time it got washed the washing machine started playing jingle bells lol

Yeah eventually the compartment with the batteries and electronics got water in it and, well.... jingle bells playing constantly at 5x speed was enough to warrant chucking the freaking thing immediately out the window. Pedestrians be damned.

hahaha... merry f***ing christmas to whoever was unlucky enough to be walking under your window that day XD

its the cristmas carrol curse!

ReCreate (author)shaneomacmcgee2009-07-23


Jayefuu (author)corksean142009-07-23

I thought of using a light dependant resistor, but it would have complicated the electronics, and gone off before they got a chance to get it near their mouth.

porcupinemamma (author)2009-07-29

I want one1 ;0)

Jayefuu (author)porcupinemamma2009-07-29

Ha ha. Make one! Then post pics/video and I'll give you a patch.

Glad you like it! Please vote =]

porcupinemamma (author)Jayefuu2009-07-29

I am clueless about how to make most of the projects on Instructables. I guess I just live vicariously through you guys. I am more than happy to give you 10/10 but I don't see were it is on the page that I can vote.

Jayefuu (author)porcupinemamma2009-07-30

He he. I want to learn to do more of the project on here. Especially some of the woodworking ones. Need more tools! The vote button is at the top, to the right or the Art of Sound contest banner. Thanks

porcupinemamma (author)Jayefuu2009-07-30

Voted! :0) I don't know how to work with LED's I have thought of one particular project I would love to do, and I got supplies from radio shack, but was frustrated because I couldn't apply them to my project.

DebH57 (author)2009-07-28

Ha, ha, ha this is great.

Jayefuu (author)DebH572009-07-29

Thanks! Glad you like it. Please vote.

DebH57 (author)Jayefuu2009-07-29

Already did.

PikesPeak (author)2009-07-27

Fix it up with some sort of water sprayer like a windshiled washer reservoir pump that will squirt out at them when they pick it up.

Jayefuu (author)PikesPeak2009-07-27

He he. I did a similar thing in this instructable. Water falls out the bottom onto your victim when they tilt the can.

ikestarm17 (author)2009-07-25

I think you should make it so the can makes a VERY loud siren or a doorbell sound

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