Hello everybody! Here's my entry for the Launch It! Contest, The Alcohol Fueled Soda Bottle Rocket, the most awesome thing you can do with a soda bottle other than empty it!

Step 1: Getting Started

Right, this is the Alcohol Fueled Soda Bottle Rocket, a rocket made from a soda bottle that is fueled by alcohol and other volatile liquid vapors. I originally posted this thing months ago, but ewihem unposted it since I didn't have any pictures at the time. That was back when I was a noob that didn't use proper grammer. I haven't reposted until now, so I still have rights as the first liquid fueled, combustion rocket on Instructables, despite the fact someone else posted a similar design.
So anyway, this rocket is a load of fun, first I'll show you the vids (start with the one on the top and work down) and then I'll give instuctions.

Um yeah just tried this with a different type of bottle so much for rocket more like dry ice bomb my ears are ringing like he'll do the rest of the kids like me a favor and delete this instructible
If you use a pop bottle ('soda bottle' - American English) it might not explode because they are designed to withstand up to 150 PSI and also, try making the hole in the top bigger
Ya I used a pretzel container for a better fuel air mixture plus it seemed pretty strong and this is what happened pictures at my blog nerdnoggin.blogspot.com
Never trust how strong a container might feel, it depends on the type of plastic and if it was only used for storing pretzels, well...
Yeah lol that wasn't the problem if it had been less strong then it would've blown up less dramatically
In the part of the instructable when you listed other possible fuels you put methylated spirits and denatured alcohols. The two substances are the same.
dousnt go very high
"I don't recommend trying it until you gain lots of experience with just alcohol." I would recommend staying away from explosions after "experiencing" alcohol. Also, this is ridiculously dangerous. You need to find a way to light this while standing 10-15 feet away. Try model rocket igniters.
The only thing dangerous I see in the video is being so close to it when you lite it. I wouldn't call the danger of getting smacked in the face or losing knuckle hair ridiculously dangerous. It's not going to explode, because a liquid like alcohol needs to vaporize first before it can burn. I used to do this same thing back in the days before the internet, but with propane or butane. These are already in gaseous form and are much more explosive. Yet my bottles never exploded. <br>I however used a spark ignition. These were pretty energetic little bottles! I even tried increasing the efficiency by adding water to give it more propellant mass.
Its really not that dangerous. alcohol is one of the safest fuel sources ever. and its not going to hurt you. it wont even burn you on first contact.......
I am refering to having an undesrtanding how things react before moving on.<br/><em>This is ridiculously dangerous</em><br/>I've accidently sprayed myself with alcohol (see forum I was on Fi'yah), it doesn't burn long enough to harm you, although it's a different matter with other fuels. That's why you were safety equipment.<br/>
That's what my cousin said. unlike myself, he's not overly-encumbered with intellect, and decided to use alcohol-containing fluid...from a can of deodorant. Obviously, it it's got alcohol in it, it'll be all alcohol.... So the foolish ape sprayed a good dose on his arm and cheerfully set it on fire. The dissolved butane propellant burned like hell, and he had a huuuge burn for weeks. serves him right. As for me, when i made the Fire Axe (no link, i'll let the readers stay here) i set may hands on fire many many times and as long as you're not stupid, it's actually quite fun!
i got burning gasoline on my hands once. it feels like your hand is in warm water.
Yeah, it just feels nice and toastie!
Aye well, it was accidental, as well as strait alcohol. overly-encumbered with ntelligence, LOL.
he got what he deserved. I was even tempted to take a video with my phone and send it to him, but i don't think i could have stopped it from melting.
The dangerous part is the explosion occurring just out of the reach of your hand.
You signed up today, did you sign up just to comment on me? Or are you a spare account of someone who doesn't want to get recognised?
Relax, it's just a coincidence.
Don't forget to rate! Positivly, or no at all please :)
It's not an explosion, it's deflageration. If I were to seel of the opening, then it would be an explosion. Either way I'm safer than the other dude, he says to launch it in your house.
Whatever you do dont set it off near your neighbours back fence. bad idea. also you can use 3 or 4 skewers so you can stand it up on solid ground
Wow This is kool but i don't think my dad will appreciate his grass being charred
easy, maybe macgyver would have done this too:<br /> <br /> ALuminum&nbsp; foil<br />
UPDATE i tried protecting the ground with aluminum foil and it just ripped to shreds. Yes i did use 5 layers, squeezed together with a little glue to hold it together
You know, I got the idea independently before I read this but I didn't do it at all because I might end up in jail setting a house on fire, even though it's accidental.<br/><br/>Though <strong>it is</strong> a good idea to terrorize someone with it but not a good idea if you know your gonna end up in jail.<br/>
yes, H***** (personal info classified), i know who you can terrorize, it is either GU*** or CA****...<br /> <br />
nah, i have better plans for them...
have you heard of fume hoods? do you even know seriously basic procedures how to handle Na in solid form<br> I know.....<br> <em>after a few google searches</em>
explain why you have to comment me twice with the exact words and spacing about 1 topic on two of my separate comments on this single instructable
is it my PC or instructables went broken that time...
The little 20oz bottles are just fine to launch in the house if you are using alcohol as the fuel and i did say not to launch the larger 2-3 ltr ones in the house at all. I don't really care if you think your the first all i know is 6 days after i posted mine here comes yours which is the same instructable with minor differences.
A: <em>20oz bottles are just fine to launch in the house</em><br/>Fire and houses do not mix, when something disasterous happens to someone, you'll be held accountable<br/>B: <em>i don't care if you think your the first</em><br/>Nor do I, but I was the first to post this idea on Instructables, even though it was removed. This instructable was unpublished for a long time, and due to computer problems I wasn't able to post until now(for proof see <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/bugs/UGE0EMSF40SFY57/">here</a> <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/bugs/UVAB22DF54HMBA2/">here</a> <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/bugs/UER4ZGVF5VMXARG/">here</a>). In one bug I state I want to enter the Launch It! contest, it was posted before you even joined instructables.<br/>C: <em>same instructable with minor differences</em><br/>OMG don't make me laugh maniacally. They are by no means the same instructable, and the differences are larger than the Sahran desert. I don't see how you could think that they were even related. My instuctable offers vast amounts of more insight and information than yours, and if I had copied yours, I would have had to spend such great amounts of time making it mine own, I would be better of posting a paper airplane. One more thing, if your determined to sy I'm a liar and that I stole your idea, ask ewilhelm. He may remeber upublishing my instructable as well as my rather unfriendly response. I was such a noob when I joined <em>8 months ago</em>.Thats over 30 times the length youv'e been around. You posted your rocket-like abomination the day you joined, and your instructable shows extremem signs of rush and carelessness. So instead of poping on me about my instructable, I recomend you fix yours.<br/>In the sake of friendly competion, let's let this problem just die<br/>RocketScientist2015<br/>
pwnd lol just kidding.
It's kinda funny how he didn't comment again after that.
ran and hid in his pants!
...then ran to his lab, only to&nbsp; accidentally drop water on top of pure sodium with 2kgs of KNO3 and sugar nearby.......<br /> <br /> <br /> poor guy....<br />
i hav a challenge for you, make an instructable on how to make pure sodium (not recommended since the chlorine gas could poison you and kill you plus the danger of the humid environment means the water could condense on the surface of the sodium and kill you #2)
have you heard of fume hoods? do you even know seriously basic procedures how to handle Na in solid form<br> I know.....<br> <em>after a few google searches</em>
i know about fume hoods man, and yes I know seriously basic procedures how to handle solid Na<br> <br> <em>without needing to google 'em up...</em><br>
&nbsp;BadaBOOM !&nbsp;
can i use vodka lol?
not the 80 proof kind, not sure if 100 proof will work or not, thats borderline flammable. Generaly you would be better off using everclear, or rubbing alcohol<br />
as a rule of thumb, 200 proof is 100%, and 40%wont work, 70 percent will work...<br />
u just like restated what i said with some additional info....what was the point?<br />
additional info........
made a static visual test which is holding it in your hands, lighting it then observing...<br /> it went like:<br /> shake shake..... sound of match lighting..........i dont think this will work.......rocket says ffffffflll<br /> WWWWWWWWHHHHOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHHLLLLLLfffffffffffuuuuuuuuub<br /> about like that...<br /> it looks better at night<br /> try it!<br />
He sure says "right" a lot :)

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