Step 4: Takeoff! WWWHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right, to fly the rocket, gather the materials described earlier and go back to the first step and watch the videos again. Then come back here. Right, what you need to do is go outside to obstruction-free area. Then dribble 5-10 (amunt of fuel will vary with grade of alcohol, I can fly on 5 drops 99%, but 10 are needed for 76%) largeish drops of alcohol into the rocket. If you haven't already screw on the nozzle. Place your finger or a piece of tape over the hole and roll the acohol around inside for about 30-45 seconds to allow it to evaporate.

Don your safety equipment and move everbody and any flammables away from a patch on the ground that you dont mind lightly scorching.

More on safety:
This rocket emits flaming vapors and hot gases, sends hot plastic flying erraticly through the air, and your dealing with intoxicating flammable liquids, please use that underdeveloped organ stored away in your skull, and exercise caution.

Insert the ends of the rockets launch guidance rods/skewers into the ground at a slight angle unill it is stable. Perform countdown, and when ready to launch remove your finger/tape from nozzle, and at arms length with apply igntion source slightly below (1cm) the nozzle opening. With a whuoosh your rocket will leap forth into the heavens about 20-30 feet and tumble back down to the ground.

If you are using straws instead of skewers, still insert your skewers into the ground as described above and then slide the straws taped to the rocket over them, creating a mini launch tower.

To re-launch, allow the rocket to air out for a minute or so and repeat steps on this page. your rocket will survive 5-7 flights before it will suffer structural failure and melt. At that point you should save your nozzle/cap and make another, using the salvaged nozzle.

Pics coming soon
snoobeagle6 years ago
He sure says "right" a lot :)
KentsOkay (author)  snoobeagle6 years ago
before I even saw this Instructable i saw it on youtube and had to try it i burned all the hair off my arm cuz i left to much alcohol in the bottles stupid on my part! Be cautious its stupid scary to be engulfed in a fireball created by leaving lots of alcohol in the bottle Not even joking the fireball was enough to make me feel like i was totally engulfed
KentsOkay (author)  Pyro the maniac6 years ago
Haha, I did something similar here