Step 2: The Throwing Arm.

We'll do the hardest single piece first.

The throwing arm has two ends (doh!), which both need folding properly to make it work.

1. Cut out the arm (cut all solid lines, score all dotted lines), and use the cocktail stick to pierce holes at the dots.

2. Fold the whole thing into a square-section beam. Glue the full length of the flap and allow to dry. You will be able to tell which way up the beam goes by looking at the writing down the sides.

3. At the "flippy end", fold the two narrow flaps over and glue their outsides. Fold the long central flap over the narrow flaps and pinch gently along the corners to make it stick. Glue under the end of the long flap to stick to the underside of the arm.

4. At the bucket end of the arm, there is a flap connected to the top surface of the beam. Glue under the end of the flap, and press it down into the beam - it should stick to the inside of the lower face of the beam, and block off the end of the beam at the same time, preventing ammunition slipping down inside the arm, which would be inconvenient.

5. Glue the outside face of the two side flaps and fold them over to make the back / end of the bucket. You should have one flap left - lift it up and stick to the outer side of the two flaps you just glued.

The arm is done. Set it aside for now.
smpash3 years ago
by cocktail stick you mean tooth pick right?
Kiteman (author)  smpash3 years ago
No, I mean cocktail stick.

It's the sort of thing they stick olives on in drinks. In the UK, they're sold in boxes of a hundred for a few pennies at supermarkets.

However, if you have a toothpick, and it's long enough, by all means use it.
smpash Kiteman3 years ago
well in the us they are the same thing thanks though
a_person5 years ago
for astetic reasons one of the instructables logos is backwards on the throwing arm
lunius a_person4 years ago
I noticed that too... It bugged me throughout the building process...

Kiteman, I'm going to put a mod on my catapult and perhaps make an 'ible for it, but I will point out that it is merely a mod, and that your genius is the cause for this amazing work of art :D
JcBeaver5 years ago
Thanks for the template
Kiteman (author)  JcBeaver5 years ago
You're welcome.
nailguy5 years ago
Hi made a comment that was last school year so i came back to make another one
jp2266936 years ago
nailguy6 years ago
Thanks for the good pics i was stuck on this for a while but then i looked at the pics thx
Kiteman (author)  nailguy6 years ago
You're welcome. Of all my projects, this one is a favourite.
lobo_pal7 years ago
Thanks for the great job on the pictures, really makes it easier.
Kiteman (author)  lobo_pal7 years ago
You're welcome! I did think about a video of the make, but I figured people could work at their own speed with stills, and not get left behind by a video.