Step 5: Construction.

Time to put the whole thing together.

Lay the base on your workspace, "beams up".

Take one vertical beam, and glue the insides of the loose flaps. Stand it near one end of the base, with the flaps astride the beam (see photo). Press the flaps into place for a few seconds, then repeat with the other vertical beam. Before the glue has a chance to dry properly, thread the cocktail stick through the holes you pierced yo make sure they are all in line (you should be able to slide the second beam a little bit if you need to, before the glue dries).

Take one of the diagonal beams and glue the insides of all six flaps. Set it against the side of one of the vertical beams, with the four narrower flaps astride the vertical beam and the beam of the base. The end flaps should be pressed into place against the vertical beam and the base beam.

Repeat with the other diagonal beam on the other vertical beam.

Hold the firing arm between the tops of the two vertical beams (make sure it's the right way up!) and thread the cocktail stick back through the whole lot - both vertical beams and the arm.

You need to give the joints a little time to set again, but otherwise you're finished.

Load up the bucket with the ammunition of your choice, and LOOSE!

Rainbows and Cupcakes made it!1 year ago

As a very bored Chemistry undergraduate, this was really fun to make!

Kiteman (author)  Rainbows and Cupcakes1 year ago

What, in class??

Did you shoot the lecturer?

almogsade1 made it!1 year ago

cool project, thanks you.

Kiteman (author)  almogsade11 year ago

That's cool, thanks for posting a picture!

almogsade1 made it!1 year ago

cool project, thanks you.

almogsade1 made it!1 year ago

cool project, thanks you.

chubawabu3 years ago
Another amazing instructable by Kiteman, well done.
a_person5 years ago
this is an excellent catapult especially for being made out of paper
Kiteman (author)  a_person5 years ago
Thank you.
nonten945 years ago
thats great for shoot some peas! XD
Kiteman (author)  nonten945 years ago
i already made two...having great fun while firing paper pellets at my brother!!!
Kiteman (author)  skullfire0075 years ago
so awesome
Kiteman (author)  bluegorrilla6 years ago
Thank you.
Kiteman (author)  skullfire0076 years ago
Thank you!
sk8rforlife6 years ago
This instructable is awesome i had a blast shooting it and a lot of fun making it.
Kiteman (author)  sk8rforlife6 years ago
Thank you. It's a lot of fun if you get a bunch of people using them at once - build targets, or just shoot at each other.
wow im amazed dude. did u make this? its awesome. if u did make this, please email me at sammetz11@gmail.com and hopefully u could show me hwo to make these kind of things. NICE VID MAN!!!! PEACE!!! ROK ON!!!!
Kiteman (author)  thehalohacker6 years ago
Yes, this is my own design.

If by "how to make these kind of things", you mean "how to design them", I'm not sure how to explain that (most of my designs spring to mind fully-formed). Two things that might help, though - Most of my papercraft is, at heart, a collection of cuboids stuck together, and I usually try and restrict all my angles to 90o or 45o to make them much easier to draw on graph paper (which is how I start most of my prototypes).
SaberSaver6 years ago
I agree with drseuss entirely and I really did have more trouble printing the template than anything, Ha figures.
drseuss7 years ago
This is a totally amazing instructable! It's extremely well done. I had more trouble figuring out how to print the template then I did anything else. The instructions along with the pictures are crystal clear. What fun! Thanks so much. My boys and I spent a wonderful couple of hours playing with our new "paper-pults". Well done~!
Kiteman (author)  drseuss7 years ago
You're very welcome, and thank you for your kind comments.