Step 6: Build upper frame

Picture of build upper frame
top part thing 001.jpg
top part thing 005.jpg
top part thing 008.jpg
top part thing 004.jpg
top part thing 009.jpg
top part thing 006.jpg
top part thing 011.jpg
top part thing 014.jpg
top part thing 013.jpg
top part thing 012.jpg
top part thing 015.jpg
the upper frame needs to be extremely strong
this is complicated because their are to many variables in the design

You need a base to mount the two 45 angle supports i used some scrap from the frame
Ca glue that for now

now measure how long the vertical supports will be cut them and Ca glue in place

measure the length of the cross bar cut and glue into place

use pictures as guidlines

i also added a square support on the inside sides to help support once you have every thing Ca glued use wood glue to finish the job
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