Step 7: Drill/string/sling/ring

i am using the arm from an older design but ill still show you how to make your own.

start by using a dremel tool or drill press to drill the 2 holes use a drill bit close to the same size i did. use safety glasses when drilling

cut about 2yds and 6inch of string.
tie it together into loop and cut of the excess string
double the loop once, then again

After Step 8 come back to here and make sling/ring (do to tecnical dificulties i can not have another step)

for the ring cut about 7cm of wire and twist it into a loop like on a key ring (or you could just use a key ring)
then attach it to the arm like in the last pictures using a drop of Ca/ accelerator

now for the sling (i am using the sling from 3.0 so this one is just a model)

using a sharpie or marker make a diagram similar to the picture below (with out the numbers/words)
cut it out and punch holes on each corner like in pictures

tie an even amount of string on each hole

tie the two ends evenly together and make a loop with the remaining string

Look at the pictures for the rest of instructions its a lot easier to explain and understand