Simple device made of PVC pipe, joints and a PVC ball valve. I made it for less than $25. It is very very very very powerful with an average speed of 200mph with reasonable accuracy and shoots anything that fits in the barrel...works best with potatoes,paintballs, crabapples, and acorns. !!ACHTUNG!! DO NOT POINT AT ANY LIVING THING OR ANYONE. THIS CAN BE LETHAL...ohhh...AND DON'T SHOOT MARBLES, I REPEAT, DON'T SHOOT MARBLES!!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need: - 10feet of 3/4" PVC
- 2feet of 2" PVC
- 3/4" PVC ball valve
- Two, "T" joints
- Two, 3/4" PVC caps
- One, 2" PVC cap
- One, screw in Schraeder valve
- 3/8" drill bit for tire valve
- PVC cement and primer
- One, 2" to 3/4" adapter
- 2" Coupler


Is one of the handles a pump for the chamber?
The marbles would be launched with such force they would shatter
seems very large but well built! i would love to see the video, also why not shoot marbles? does it cause damage before launch?
i do not understand this at all
anyone play humans vs. zombies? Oh god... the amount of zombies that would cower at the sight of such monstrosities, if they were legal for the game, of course.
Why did you make it so long? I did mine and it's only about 4-5 ft long. I suggest making the air chamber a larger diameter one so it can store plenty of air without being so lengthy. Cutting off a foot or so from the barrel should make it a lot more convenient and mobile IMO. I have mine hooked up to a dive tank that has a low pressure (200 psi) hose with a bike filler at the end so it only takes like 10 seconds to fill.
also, it'll go further is the barrel is shorter, less frictional losses.<br />
if you wanna increase pressure fast put water in pressure chamber. Noncompressible fluids rock! Also, you can spray everyone with some wateris no ammo is put in!<br />
i made one of these only i used 3" pvc for the tank and a 4 foot barrel (with the 3/4 pvc) and it launched a 5/8 ball bearing about 200 yards no joke! i only put 100 psi in it and used wadding around it. oh yeah it only took about 3 hours for the glue to dry.
a couple of changes for you , you have to wait 24 and more hours for it to dry also dont use a 3/4 valve it doesnt let enough air out
my Cannon is much stronger than this, mine is made of 3/4 in pvc and it can shoot a AA battery thru plywood when the battery is going sideways, and it can shoot metal rods thru trees.
do you really need the 2<em> coupler?</em><br/>
you copied the mythbusters! Bad Boys!
Uh, no offense man, but this cannon is not &quot;very very very very powerful.&quot; That's really just a run-of-the-mill cannon you've got there. If you want a cannon, look here. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.spudfiles.com/forums/gb-semi-t7899.html">http://www.spudfiles.com/forums/gb-semi-t7899.html</a><br/><br/>That cannon of yours isn't bad, I'm just pointing out that it's not as powerful as you make it out to be.<br/>
the way that looks to me is a paintball gun on steroids
I didn't recognize you without the bunny with a pancake av :-P I love that thing! I wish I had one like it but the Guillotine is taking up most of my time. 2000 feet....THAT is very very very very powerful.
My gun or his link?
I got the bunny :D
thnx 4 link, pretty sweet.
So,basically this is a potato cannon?
:/ I personally don't like your voice, but that's just me. That cannon was not super powerful, and it looked extremeley dangourous holding a pipe that's bending from being so long (that's what she said!) and trying to shoot something out of it Have a nice day!
"And trying to shoot something out of it" That's what she said.
"its bending from being so long" thats what she said to me!!!
not a potato cannon, potato cannons use a small explosion to shoot theres. This is pneumatic. Which uses air to shoot it, Or at least thats what i think. This doesn't clearly show. I used a Tire Valve to get air in mine, but this instructable doesn't show how to at all. I've made this b4 but out of 1/2 inch pvc to make paint ball gun. And ammosmok is right you don't have enough air to have such a long barrel, u get more air then me and i use a 3 foot barrel.
Is it necessary to have a long barrel on this sort of cannon?
no, i just got carried away. :)
if they are pneumatic they can still be called potato cannons they are just pneumatic potato cannons theirs pneumatic and combustion
y cant u shoot marbles
they go through anything and are super dangerous.
nice dace
all right i have seen far to many ball valve cannons on this site, you people don't even know the meaning of true power. i shall enter this contest to show you noobs how its done.
no there is to many knex guns and pen guns.
yea i hear you, i just usually think of potato guns as combustion instead of pnuematic, Combustion are easier and more powerful to me. Easier in the since i dont have a compressor so i either have to hook a small one up to car or go manual with bike pump.
Hey this is pretty cool I love using it. Keep Inventing!
Uh<sub>, hello dc, it says right on the side that it is rated up to 450psi... for sch40 3/4, and for sch 40 3&quot; its 140psi... He's just fine in that department. But the barrel is far, far, too long! Its affecting your performance!!</sub><br/>
ummm why dont u shoot marbles
Yeah umm....you need to wait like 24 hours, not 2-3 for PVC solvent to dry.
no thats not what the label says
just trust us we know what were talking about. i let a cannon dry for about 2 hours once went to pressurize it and it shot a heavy plastic chamber about 20ft behind just barely missing a friend standing behind me.
Why not attach a little nitrogen tank to it!! Then you will have a "very very very very powerful" spud gun!
becuase that will most defiantly end in a trip to the hospital nitrogen is 1000 +psi i bet the PVC wont take more than 300 psi, and you cant pick up pvc shards in x-rays
Is it just me, or is that thing a bit droopy? It does not look as rigid or strong as you need a pressurised cannon to be.
it actually is pretty stable, i thought it was pretty droopy at first but it seems to work just fine.
For what you have posted there is no danger. Once you start to pressurize it, a step you left out, that's when it starts to get scary. What pressure did you use?
i pumped it up no less than 90psi.

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