Hey guys!, here is a new coaster im building, it its a launch coaster.I still dont now a name for this coaster. It is using the Tomcat-Launch i`m using rubber bands for the launch launch.This coaster got 2 main inversion so far like: a medium size loop,corkscrew. This basically have a launch and lift
(sorry for the bad quality camera im always using my phone for pictures)

Test Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q384c...=youtube_gdata

Ignore the coaster on the back, its a coaster that i build for fun.

The final video Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BsbvFvPUm0&feature=youtu.be
Good but the vid works also not for me. <br>
Looks good! But the vid doesn't work for me :/
why not? whats happening
It says that the vid doesn't exist...
hmm thats weird because i can see it and the video set to public :/

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Bio: Hi!, I`m Levi I`m back building! and i play Videogames like Fifa 14/15
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