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It should now look like this. Blow through the straw from the back to launch it.
NICOLE9254 years ago
OK what am I doing wrong??? My plane goes down like a dud! How do I get it to fly ... atleast past my kitchen table!?
Pro7 years ago
Hello I have a project to do and I was wondering if someone could help me make a plane that flies but it can not be simple and cannot be a paper planes someone please help me Thank you And P.S.: this project needs to be done by Thursday, March,27,2008 Whenever you send it please try to send it before friday.28 of march and please hurry
jinjaboy7 years ago
Patrat7 years ago
Where did the wings come from? did I miss something? I've been looking for a project my Grandsons and I could do so could you answer this for me? it looks kind of fun yet real simple.
chazepping (author)  Patrat7 years ago
I just cut some shapes out of paper and then I drew some snazzy squiggles, that´s all. They´re meant to be designed how ever you like. I don´t think the shape will affect the flying too much. :)
Thanks! I'll give it a try!!!