In this Instructable I will teach you how to successfully launch your own rocket and the complete story of my own rocket. Remember: rockets are a fun toy when handled with care, but they can also be a dangerous weapon. Please be responsible with your rocket.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1. Your Rocket
2. Rocket fuel.(Depending on your rocket you may need a different type of fuel. I used B6-4 engines for a small rocket)
3. Launch pad
4. Plastic stopper for the rocket charge
5. Rocket igniter
6.Rocket recovery wadding -to make you can dip paper towels in a baking powder-water saturated solution and dry. It is also available from Estes and other suppliers.
7. A large, wide, open space outside where rocket launching is allowed.
<p>with the rocket I had, I launched it and it went up about 1 meter and caught fire and spun around than nek mennut the grass was on fire xD</p>
We are making the Estes Viking rocket in class!
<p>Cool! They are very fun, but remember to stay a large distance away. Also measure the wind and move the rocket appropriately so it doesn't get caught in a tree. My first rocket is still stuck in a very tall tree.</p>
Thanks for clearing my confusion with these rockets I'm pretty sure that my igniter is Brocken because i keep holding the button and nothing happens I checked everything three times and still nothing :(
<p>Have you checked the batteries?</p>
<p>Thanks for the &quot;paper towel and baking soda&quot; recovery wadding alternative. That'll come in handy!</p>
<p>Yah, I have found that it works well to keep the heat from the parachute. If you notice after lift off when the rocket is in descent, a large pop happens and something comes out of the rocket. That is a burnt bit of recovery wadding, not anything important.</p>
<p>Great idea!!! The only thing I do not really like about this great idea is the fireworks. They seem pretty expensive and could burn up the rocket. Great idea though!!!</p>
<p>Well, the purpose of the recovery wadding is to prevent the heat from escaping the engine. Please vote for me and thanks for the responses!</p>

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