Hello so today I am going to show you how to make a lava floor in MCPE. You will need glass and lava buckets. If you are making your lava floor in a house or building made out of stuff that can catch on fire like wood then I suggest you TO NOT make this.

Step 1: Dig Down

Dig down about 2 blocks deep on the floor.

Step 2: Add Lava

Go to the bottom, count one block up, get your lava bucket, and put the lava in there evenly.

Step 3: Add Glass

Add glass on the block above the lava. DO NOT PUT GLASS DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THE LAVA.

Step 4: Finished

So there you go! You have a nice lava floor!
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<p>but this idea is super and i love it</p>
<p>or make it instead of two blocks deep tree blocks deep if you use a 3x5 like above in the picture and the middle layer make a circle of lava by only place it to the sides and glass in row you will walk on so you have 8 blocks flowing to the middle and that looks cool to</p>
<p>so on the row you walk you put glass block and under the glass block place the lava</p>
<p>make it like he did but then your own squaresize and make it looks 2 blocks deep so bottom row can you place lava and you can place directly on top of the lava the glass block</p>
<p>you can place glass blocks directly on top if you want no need to worry for it</p>
I love using this floor it looks really cool
TO not ???????
You can also make a water floor if you want, just put water instead of lava!!!

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