Lava Earrings





Introduction: Lava Earrings

Wanna make some really interesting and unique lava earrings?
Just follow these steps!

You will need:
polymer clay
baking paper
baking pan
earring bases

Step 1: Step 1 Making the Basic Form

First  you make some small balls out of polymer clay. You can give them an appropriate form, but usually it doesn't stay the same after baking.

Step 2: Step 2 the Baking

When you have some polymer clay balls, put them on the baking pan and insert into oven. I suggest to put some baking paper in the pan before, so your earrings don't get burnt to the pan surface.
* Unfortunately I didn't take picture of this step, but I hope it's quite clear. :)

Step 3: Step 3 the Great Baking

On the polymer clay packing it is said to bake 30 minutes in temperature 110 (Celsius) or 230 Fahrenheit. But you have two ways how to get the lava style earrings:
1. you bake them longer than 30 min,
2. you raise the temperature.
 Attention! It can get a little smelly in the kitchen! Because of the over-baked clay.
The most important is to follow, how your clay balls are baked - you want them  to over-bake, not to burn!

Step 4: Step 4 Making the Earrings

When you have your clay balls baked as much as you want and you have taken them out of the oven and cooled, you can add the earring base to the little lava balls. You can use superglue, hot glue or any other glue that is tough enough. Leave them to gum.
But remember that this "lava" is really fragile, so don't push too hard.

Step 5: Step 5 Lava Earrings!

Now you have your lava earrings! Enjoy wearing them!

Step 6: Step 6 Other Lava Bijouterie

You can make other bijouterie or jewelry as well as earrings. For example, I made a lava brooch.

* The only thing you should remember is that this "lava" is really fragile!

Thanks for watching!



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    this is so creative! nice job!

    Ohh, please don't bake at a higher temperature than recommended! That smell you talk about is actually the harmful gases put off by the polymer burning in the oven. It's REALLY not something you want to breathe!


    About 25 minutes, but my oven was really old and in bad condition, so it was higher temperature than 130 Celsius. I suggest to watch earrings while baking, so you can take them out when you're satisfied with the form.


    Thanks! Glad you like it!

    Ah, so the trick is in the baking!
    Do the bubbles ever firm up or does it remain fragile forever?

    1 reply

    I don't know about fragility, yet, because these are my first lava earrings. I made them accidentally, they just over-baked. But I'm pretty sure that those bubbles will stay fragile forever.

    Nice and very unique. Is it fragile because it is over-baked?

    1 reply

    Yes, it can collapse if pushed too hard. But mine earrings have only three fragile bubbles, so basicly nothing :)