This is just to show the steps and how I built this if you want to build one or have any questions just ask

Step 1: Get a Design

Step 2: Weld Up Your Frame

Step 3: Steering

I cut up an old free spinning tire and use the bearings to hold the steering column

Step 4: Put the Sprocket on the Drive Wheel

Step 5: Mount the Engine

Step 6: Step Back and Look

Step 7: Brakes

this is so freaking cool Great project I just would put better breakers and not zip tie the chair other than the this is epic
It will be about 2 weeks before I can put up a video because my clutch is messed up
It's a go kart not a stop cart so why would you need brakes and I have to get a new throttle cable and ill add a video tonight
Are the brakes Fred Flintstone?
Oh, can we please a video of it driving around? This is cool!

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