Step 4: Attach the Cup

If you've made the loop in the crook tight enough, you don't strictly need to use epoxy, but it's an extra bit of assurance that you won't spill your drink. 

Run a bead of epoxy or jb weld (I use E6000 for nearly everything, it's all kinds of awesome) under the lip of the pencil cup.  Then put the cup in place at the top of the reshaped crook. 

Allow that to cure overnight, hit it with the spray paint to cover up the dings you've left in the soft metal, and you're done!
<p>Or you could preserve the function of the hook for your citronella candle &amp; use a couple of ring clamps on the mesh holder. Just remember not to tighten the rings too much or you can pop the mesh on the pencil/cup holder! :&quot;} A little black paint, &amp; wala! </p>
<p>tres cool</p>
<p>I think we need a few of these around the campfires we have. What a wonderful ideal..will be having husband make these right before spring!</p>
Cool, I'd love to see the results!
Great idea! I've been wondering how I could make a wine holder. I've seen little ones that are only about a foot high to be used with beach chairs. I want one for my camping chair (because combining wine glasses and folding chair cup holders ends poorly!) I hadn't even thought of using dollar store plant holders. I just hope they still have them! <br> <br>A little constructive criticism, I would have liked a little more information on the bending process. I'm worried about snapping the metal then I go for the 90 degree bend. Also, did you bend it so the weight of the drink sits over the part where it has the extra support in the ground? <br> <br>All over great instructible though!
I'm on my way to the $ store right now to buy my supplies; I am new to this site and will continue to look for more ideas. We are putting the finishing touches on our deck and I will cut the square piece off the bottom and bury these holders in a round or square container at the bottom in cement or some kind of solid creating a weight so that these can be used on our deck or around our fire pit, where we have pavers. I'll post a photo when I get them completed.
Cool idea, I'm looking forward to seeing the result!
Are you ever swarmed by mean and thirsty wasps?
Not yet, but give it time . . .
Super idea to put between my horse shoe pits...thanks!!!
Glad you liked it! If you build some, I'd love to see some pictures!
this rocks
Thanks! They got a LOT of use this summer!

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