Lawn Sweeper: Offset Hitch for Two Operations in One Pass





Introduction: Lawn Sweeper: Offset Hitch for Two Operations in One Pass

When you have excess, even any, unsightly grass clippings left on your lawn after you mow, a sweeper is a great way to get them up fast!  While I love a good looking job, I am always in search of a way to get there faster.

I inherited a sweeper and had not really liked having to take all the extra time it took to make the second trip over, so rarely did so. Then I saw one advertised that had an offset tongue. That was what I needed!

I decided to retrofit my rigid tongue AgriFav model to be offset.

6-8' of 3/4" EMT galvanized conduit
3 each clamps; I used U clamps, but imagine hose clamps would work fine

Hammer, a ball or sledge
1/2 inch bit
Wrench, pliers, screwdriver to tighten clamps
Grinder or file

Step 1: Adapt Conduit to Be a "Tongue"

I had an old sledge hammer that I used to beat one end of the conduit flat.

I then used my drill press to drill a hole in the end. I did some pretty intense measuring (at least by my standards) to get the hole in the exact center. I even used a punch to set a dimple for the start.  I slid into my home-made drill press rig (maybe a future Instructable) and used a step bit to drill the hole.  I matched the hole size to the hitch pin I use.

I have found that a tongue with rounded corners works better on a tight lawnmower drawbar, believe me, so I used the angle grinder to round the corners, and smooth the hole edges.

Step 2: Fit the New Offset Tongue

My sweeper is 42" wide, and my lawnmower cuts a 30" swath. I wanted to center to the next swath. In the first picture, I lined up based on lawnmower tire. HOWEVER, it's better to line up the sweeper to CENTER OF THE ROW OF DISCHARGED CLIPPINGS! Sorry, I don't have any pics of how I adjusted, but by using clamps, you can alter that final position.

Step 3: All DONE!

Here is a picture of how it looked as I began.

I learned the hard way that this thing works better in dry grass than grass with dew on it.  I usually cut mornings instead of afternoons, but will have to change to make this system work.



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    Hello. What happens when you turn to the right. Doesn't the rear-right tire on your mower hit the EMT?

    Nice! I have been wanting to do this myself, but had not really put my mind to it. A great idea and easily understood instructable.