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Are you dreaming of snowboarding in the summer? Now you can. All you need is a driving lawn mower and a smooth bottem sled with holes to tie a piece of rope through.

Step 1: Preperation

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First, tie a rope between the holes on your sled. make sure that the rope is centered and make sure that you have a 4-7ft of rope coming away from the sled.

Step 2: Connect

tie the 4-7ft piece of rope to the back of your mower make sure to tie it tight.

Step 3: Operation

Start up the mower and shift to the fastest speed and swerve occationaly( just for fun). Enjoy.

1.) Don't drive the mower over the rope it can tangle in it's axel
and is very hard to get out. Belive me i know it has happened twice.

2.)I am not responceable for anyone who attempts this with an ATV, car, or go-kart.

3.) Be cautous of what you drive over.

other than this i hope you enjoy your new "sport" (:


AluminumFoilMaster (author)2013-10-17

Why is there snow in the picture if it is the summer?

jaymanx (author)2011-04-29

? why is everyone saying take the blade off?? lawn mowers have you choose whether you want it on or off it will stay stationary of its selected off.

master key (author)jaymanx2011-09-01

i know right and if they are really cautious they can just taje off the belt for the blade

catsnw (author)2009-08-02

it is called an ATV and a mattress lol :)

matt09 (author)catsnw2010-10-09

there u go!

D.A.N (author)2009-12-13

we did this but we couldnt find my board so we used our feet like skiis and was so fun until my friend fell straight on his back and winded himself
afterwards we found the board and went down the sand dunes on it

diegolay (author)2009-09-16

I've tried with an ATV and a skateboard, of course I was driving and my friend end up with his arm broken

ry25920 (author)2008-01-16

Any more questions or ideas?

bg_askins (author)ry259202009-07-03

i'm from alabama and have been using 3-wheelers for this (bc banned atv's are more fun) but those cheep kiddie pools work great for this sort of thing......keep up the good work

LinuxH4x0r (author)2007-10-17

Be sure to take the blade off first. Until 2 months ago my mom used to work for the Shriners Hospital for Children Twin Cities, and used to see kids that got ran over by lawn mowers (the broken bones, not the gorry stuff). Good idea, just remember to take the blade off.

concretepaul (author)LinuxH4x0r2007-11-18

DO NOT DO THIS INSTRUCTABLE I HAD A GOOD FRIEND GET KILLED WHEN HIS LAWN TRACTER ROLLED OVER ON HIM. He was on a small incline... Well anyway please just wait for the snow!!!

LinuxH4x0r (author)concretepaul2007-11-18

i agree, it is extremely supid. If the blade doesn't get you half a ton of steel pinning you down certainly will. It is stupid if you want to "lawn board" just do it down a hill.

uberchoob (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-12-01

Come one people! this isn't that freakin dangerous... It's a SLOW lawn mower. This thing can't get enough speed for you to catch up if it suddenly stops. (though 7 ft is a little short.... try 15?) And paul, I'm really sorry about your friend, but where in this instructable are we talking about driving on an incline? Using your logic, we should never use riding lawn mowers even to mow the lawn.

LinuxH4x0r (author)uberchoob2008-12-01

Your right, we shouldn't. You should have seen how many kids my mom took care of at the Shriners who flipped riding lawn mowers

uberchoob (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-12-02

AAAAAW Go put a helmet on ya panzy.... If we did things your way we'd never have any fun doing anything and we'd never get any work done. Don't forget to put your kneepads on before you leave for work, you might trip on the way to the car!! maybe we should never leave the house again!?!

LinuxH4x0r (author)uberchoob2008-12-02

This is a lawnmower! Ride over some wood and then decide if you want it over your leg.

concretepaul (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-12-02

This "pansy" will live another day to tell the story of the "Lawn Boarding" fad that swept the nation. RIP uberchoob, RIP!

kiranshila (author)2008-06-16

Oh My GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I invented that like 8 years ago and I have that exact same lawn mower. But i call it grassboarding.

Rishnai (author)2008-04-16

Also, if you're into tinkering with your mower, remove the governor to give it the stones to really get you going.

lemonie (author)2007-07-14

Or use a motorbike (bit more tricky for the guy on the bike) L

Rishnai (author)lemonie2008-04-16

I would do that, too.

killerjackalope (author)2007-12-20

I'm sorry but a mower doesn't have the stones or the speed for serious fun and the gardens probably going to be too small, you need a pickup truck and a beach, it's amazing and I was still standing after i hit wet sand at about 45 mph granted it took several showers to get all the sand out of my butt and ears... Precautions involve having at least 25' of rope, four wheel drive (If you have the jeep in RWD it slides the back end out bringing you out to 90 degrees around, when everything snaps back into line you end nearly overtaking the jeep unless you know how to ride the raft really well. One more danger is if the driver is swerving alot and you're building momentum like a pendulum don't exaggerate the effect too much because if the pickup gets dragged into a four wheel slide by you, it will end up in the sea or on top of you...

ry25920 (author)2007-11-23

It isn't horribly dangerous, so long as you are safety conscious. The worst injury I have received is a bruise and a cut on my arm from the side of the sled(no stiches or anything). It didn't exactly feel good.

truk (author)2007-08-06

I gotta try this winter. My mower is a zero turn for a little more realistic effect... *makes sudden 90 degree turn and sends friend flying off nearest snowbank*

zeero360 (author)2007-08-03

looks pretty fun i should try itb sometime. Sry bout da spellin

gameboy7oa (author)2007-07-30

this sounds fun and if for some reason the moutains are closed and u happen to have a frozen lake nere u u could probly use a 4 whealer or something else and ice board also who cares if his smiley is backwards

hondagofast (author)2007-07-29

Your smiley face is backwards, it goes like this :) not (:

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