Lawn Mower Self Propel Gear





Introduction: Lawn Mower Self Propel Gear

One of the reasons to own a 3D printer is to repair or replace parts that have worn or are broken. After pulling apart our self propelled lawn mower (Craftsman Briggs & Stratton 700 series)to find out why it stopped self propelling. I find out the plastic gears are ground down to nothing. The gear is one unit which happens to be the wheel. After looking up the price I decided to give my Airwolf 3d printer a try. After printing a few test parts to confirm the gears were correct I printed a pair out of ABS. The lawn mower worked for about a month then worn down. So having a 3D printer I printed another set in a day out of Nylon and lets just say I will never have to make another set for a while.



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    Very pretty. :)
    Nylon parts last longer than ABS in this situation, is that what you're saying?

    Hey, very nice. What mower to you have?

    I'd suggest editing to include the brand/model, and perhaps even some assembly info. That way when people go a-googling for help for this specific mower, this will turn up in their results :)

    Will do thank you for your comment