Lawn Striper





Introduction: Lawn Striper

This will show you how to stripe your yard like the professionals, and you'll save $100!

Step 1: Gather

1. pvc pipe 3" thick and the width of the back wheels or slightly smaller.(see picture)

2. 3/4" thick plywood

3. 2 "eye" hooks big enough for 2 plastic ties to go through.

4. Several long plastic ties

5. drill

6. screwdriver

7. 3" hole saw (optional)

8. Gravel or sand.

Step 2: Cut the Pipe to Length

After cutting the pipe to length, cut the 2 end caps out of 3/4" plywood with a hole saw,jigsaw or band saw, unless you want to buy 2 pvc endcaps.

Step 3: Mount the Hooks

measure the distance between the 2 places you will be tying the striper to on the mower and drill 2 holes that distance apart on the pipe. Make sure the holes are slightly thinner than the screw part on the hooks.

Step 4: Fill It

screw one plywood cap or pvc cap to the one end of the pipe and fill it with gravel, sand, or anything that will give the pipe plenty of weight. Next, screw on the other plywood or pvc cap.

Step 5: Tie It On

Now you should be ready to tie it on.
You will need 2 very long plastic ties or some wire.
Keep it about 1 or 2 inches above the ground, and be careful not to tie it to close to the wheels so that you run over it when you back up. You may need to tie it back with something to prevent this (see picture).

Step 6: Mow!

Now you are ready to begin.
If you start from the road and drive toward the house it will make a light stripe and when you come back you will make a dark stripe. Be Creative. If you go over your yard going front to back and then go over it again going left and right, it will make squares, or diamonds. (see faintly in the picture).



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thx for the inst. does anyone know how to make a zero turn cut better? engine runs fine, blades are sharp... just not getting a good cut. if so, could u plz make an inst on that? Thx

thanks for your inst. i was at a farm supply getting a piece of belting (available in widths starting at 4", i was getting 6" X 3') and the guy asked if I was making a stripper. seems here they just add that behind the deck to stripe. This belting is bullet proof.

Thanks for that tip to both of you!

it work's great.


Very cool! I've always wondered how they did that! Thanks

And what is the point of striping a lawn again??

only if you mow tall and use a heavy stick/pipe/whatever with it.

Yeah but the effect isn't as dramatic because a push mower is much closer to the ground. You will have to hike it up a wee bit and do everything the same for your push mower. You could also always mount this on a broom stick and do it by hand.